2008-09-03: DANDELIONS 2005 and 2006 Campaigns at Cabauw: Intercomparisons of NO2 measurements

The 2005 and 2006 DANDELIONS campaigns were unique because they brought together an unprecedented variety of measurement techniques to measure NO2, aerosols and ozone at Cabauw, The Netherlands. Also unique was that in 2006, the vertical dimension was used by placing instrumentation at ground level as well as in the 220 m. tower.
Using these ground-based instruments viewing in different directions, in-situ instruments, and a NO2 lidar, Brinksma et al. [2008] show significant spatial variability in NO_2 fields, depending on the direction in which one looks. This means that the modest agreement (r=0.6) found between the ground-based and OMI NO2 retrievals is as good as it gets.
Correlations between tropospheric NO2 from 3 MAX-DOAS instruments at Cabauw (BIRA, Bremen, Heidelberg) and (Left) the OMI Standard Product, and (Right) the Dutch OMI NO2 Product. Click on the Figure for a larger version.