2011-04-11: EGU presentations

For a complete list of the Climate Observation departments presentations and posters at this years EGU conference, click on the link below.

Session AS1.3 Precipitation: Measurement, Climatology, Remote Sensing, and Modeling (General Session). Session AS1.4: Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (General Session). Session AS3.4 Air Pollution Modelling. Session AS 3.7: Source apportionment of air pollutants in atmospheric science. Session AS3.14: Satellite observations of tropospheric composition and pollution, analyses with models and applications Session AS3.15: Remote Sensing of Clouds and Aerosols: Techniques and Applications. Session CL2.6: Earth radiation budget, radiative forcing and climate change Sesion GI-3: Atmospheric and meteorological instrumentation Session GI-14: GMES Sentinel Satellites: New Possibilities for Science.