2011-04-16: Radiative closure achieved for cloudy skies over Cabauw

A long standing problem in atmospheric research is the radiative closure of clouds. Radiative closure means that radiative transfer modelling of clouds agrees with the observations within the measurement uncertainty. This has now been achieved for shortwave radiation at Cabauw by Wang, Knap and Stammes.
The cloudy cases are selected to be overcast, single-layer, homogeneous, nonprecipitating water clouds. The Doubling-Adding KNMI (DAK) code is used to simulate global irradiances. The mean difference between simulated global irradiances and BSRN measurements is 6 W/m2 (5%), with a standard deviation of 14 W/m2 (13%). This difference is within the uncertainties of the model input parameters and measurement errors. The correlation coefficient between the measured and simulated global irradiances is 0.95.

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