2011-05-16: Surface solar irradiance from SCIAMACHY measurements

Wang, Stammes and Mueller have, for the first time, derived broadband surface solar irradiances (SSI) from SCIAMACHY satellite measurements. The SCIAMACHY SSI product is validated against globally distributed BSRN measurements and compared with ISCCP surface shortwave downwelling fluxes.
For one year of data in 2008, the mean difference between the instantaneous SCIAMACHY SSI and the hourly mean BSRN global irradiances is -4 W m-2 (-1 %) with a standard deviation of 101 W m-2 (20 %). The evaluation results suggest that the SCIAMACHY SSI product achieves similar mean bias error and root mean square error as the surface solar irradiances derived from polar orbiting satellites with higher spatial resolution.

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