2011-07-04: Last ozone data of GOME-1

After more than 16 years of service, the ERS-2 satellite was decommissioned (switched off) by ESA on 4 July 2011. This day marked the end of the very succesfull GOME instrument.
GOME was the first European UV-visible spectrometer in space to observe ozone, NO2, and other trace gases, and was the predecessor of SCIAMACHY, OMI and GOME-2. GOME provided satellite ozone measurements from 22 July 1995 until 4 July 2011, which is a world record. The last ozone map was produced by GOME on 4 July 2011. See: last ozone map. The GOME data are still available via ESA and TEMIS (TEMIS).