2013-07-15: Tandem mode for two GOME-2's

Since 15 July 2013, the GOME-2 instruments on EUMETSAT's Metop-A and Metop-B satellites have a new measurement mode, called the tandem mode. In the tandem mode, the youngest instrument, GOME-2 on Metop-B, measures with a wide swath of 1920 km and pixels of 40×80 km2, while the oldest instrument, GOME-2 on Metop-A, measures with a reduced swath of 960 km and pixels of 40×40 km2.

EUMETSAT has decided for this mode to respond to the need for global daily monitoring of ozone and other trace gases, as well as the demand for higher spatial resolution for air quality and other data usage.

The one-day-per-month narrow swath of 240 km for GOME-2 A and B has been changed into a 320 km wide swath for Metop-A only.

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On 15 July 2013 GOME-2 on Metop-A changed from observing in wide swath to reduced swath, which is visible in the NO2 observations of that day (www.temis.nl)