2008-07-27: Daily Air Quality Forecast for China

The AMFIC project addresses atmospheric environmental monitoring over China. The aim is to develop an integrated information system for monitoring and forecasting tropospheric pollutants over China. The web site of the forecast service has been launched recently. Every day it publishes a 3-day forecast calculated by the chemical transport model Chimere, which has been implemented for a domain covering the densely populated eastern part of China.
The model resolution of approximately 25 × 25 km² permits to zoom in on the urban areas of the megacities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenyang, and Seoul. The model runs with the emission inventory of Street et al, 2006. Satellite data from OMI and GOME-2 is used to adjust the emissions for the effect of the air quality measures taken by the Beijing authorities during the Olympic Games.
The forecast of the surface NO2 peak value of the Beijing area for 12 July (Left), compared to the analysis for the same day (Right). Clearly visible are the urban areas of Beijing (17 million) and Tianjin (10 million). In the north and west of Beijing the pollution is enclosed by the mountain ridges.