ECMWF plots for CARIBIC flight 22 June 1997 to Colombo

Please note that the flight data have bad time resolution as they were derived from the Honeywell data. They are not equidistant in time! Note also that there's still an outlyer point at 50 E.

"Surface" maps
Level (hPa) - - - - - - -
97062218+006 Total CC Low CC Medium CC High CC H2O column 6hr LS Prec 6hr Con Prec

Pressure level maps
Level (hPa) 250 250 250 250 500 250 500 250 700
97062300 PV Z Wind W W Spec hum RH RH EpotT

Vertical X-sections
970623 time vs P PV Eq pot T Spec hum RH Wetb potT U V W Cloud water Cloud ice Cloud cover

Synthesized flight data
Pressure PV T Pott. T Wind speed Wind dir H2O mix.ratio Cloud cover Liquid/Ice water
Model data along track: file1// file2 (cloud parameters)