ECMWF analysis plots for CARIBIC flight 487 from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo on 27 November 2014


5-day backward: All // 11-12h / 12-13h /
2-day forward: All
8-day backward WAS: 01
8-day backward WAS volume: 01

"Surface" maps
Level (hPa) - - - - - - -
14112700+012 Total CC Low CC Medium CC High CC H2O column 6hr LS rec 6hr Con Prec

Pressure level maps
Level (hPa) 250 250 250 250 500 250 500 250 700
14112712 PV Z Wind W W Spec hum RH RH EpotT

Vertical X-sections
Pressure versus time PV Eq pot T Spec hum RH Wetb potT U V W Cloud water Cloud ice Cloud cover

ECMWF and measured parameters as a function of UT
P P+tropop. geop.Z+tropop. PV PV+tropop. Pott.T Pott.T+tropop. T T+tropop. Wind speed Wind dir w=dp/dt H2O mix.ratio RH Cloud cover Liquid/Ice water
Model data interpolated along track: file1 (meteo)// file2 (clouds) // file3 (tropopause)