SCAVEX meteo

This page gives access to meteo information prepared by KNMI (Peter van Velthoven) for the SCAVEX experiments that took place in April-May 2001 and April 2002 from Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.

There are also forecasts for October 2002

NEW: There are also daily trajectory maps for Zugspitze: overview.

The plots are based on ECMWF model analyses.

NOTE: The unit in the plots of ECMWF liquid and ice water content is wrong: it should be kg/kg instead of kg/m3. The unit of the Falcon liquid water content is 0.01 kg/m3 (10 g/m3), i.e. I have multiplied the values in the datafiles by 0.1.

New on this page:
A summary of the meteorological situation is now (as of 20 september 2002) included in the webpage for each flight!
I also added a powerpoint presentation (below).

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Flight no.Date Features
a15 April 2001 Stratosphere+low level clouds
a211 April 2001 Clouds northeast of trough (complex turning wind profile)
a318 April 2001 Stratosphere+cloud layer+perhaps outflow of uplift
a425 April 2001 Thin foehn layer affected by subsidence +lee waves
a52 May 2001 EW, some North African air (uninteresting?)
a63 May 2001 Possibly foehni outflow +lee waves + air from West Atlantic and North African lowermost troposphere
a74 May 2001 Occasionally clouds? + Some North African air
b111 April 2002 Large scale uplift in cloud system over North Italy (interesting case!)
b222 April 2002 Profiles in frontal cloud band and trough (stratosphere)
b323 April 2002 High cloud band
b424 April 2002 EW flight below trough and through frontal clouds north of Alps

Please read the additional information about the plots:

Links: TM3 simulations / Umwelt Forschungsstation Schneefernerhaus / DLR
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