Campaigns at Cesar Observatory

The Cabauw tower was build in 1972. Up to 2000 it was mainly used by KNMI, but other institutes conducted experiments or routine observations at Cabauw as well. In the course of the years several small and large Campaigns or Intensive Observation Periods had Cabauw as their main observational site.

A list of campaigns and, if available, a link to the project website is provided here.

Acronym Year Full name Website
Tebex 1995 Tropospheric Energy Budget Experiment  
Clara 1996 Clouds and Radiation  
CaPrix 2000 Cabauw Profiler Intercomparison Experiment  
Cliwa-Net 2001 Cloud Liquid Water Network  
BBC 2001 Baltex Bridge Campaign  
CREX-02 2002 Cesar Rain Experiment 2002  
BBC2 2003 Cloud Observation campaign (organized by KNMI and Univ. Bonn)  
Dandelions 2005
Dutch Aerosol and Nitrogen Dioxide Experiments for Validation of OMI and SCIAMACHY
SPE 2005 Sound Propagation Experiment  
EAGLE2006 2006 Exploitation of AnGuLar Effects in land surface observations from satellites
SATLINK 2006 On the relation between aerosol optical depth and PM2.5 in the Netherlands
EMEP 2006/
European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
GOP 2007 General Observation Period (Priority Programm on Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting)
IMPACT 2008 Intensive Cloud-aerosol Measurement Campaign at Cabauw Tower  
ESA-CALIPSO 2009 NASA/CNES Cloud Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarisation (CALIOP) correlative measurements
CINDI 2009 Cabauw Intercomparison Campaign of Nitrogen Dioxide measuring Instruments
CLIC 2012 Cabauw Lightmeter InterComparison
PEGASOS 2012 Pan-European Gas-AeroSOls-climate interaction Study
INGOS 2012 CH4 flux Intercomparison campaign
HD(CP)2 2013 High Definition Clouds and Precipitation for advancing Climate Predictions
ACCEPT 2014 Analysis of the Composition of mixed-phase Clouds with Extended Polarization Techniques
CINDI-2 2016 Cabauw Intercomparison of Nitrogen Dioxide Measuring Instruments 2
PICAB 2017 Proton-transfer-reaction mass-spectrometer (PTR-MS) Intercomparison campaign in CABauw

If you know of any experiment not listed here, please send an email to Henk Klein Baltink

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