Beside publications in journals a number of scientific and technical reports have been published too. The reports listed here are mainly KNMI Scientific and Technical Reports that include e.g. analysis or use of Cabauw data, description of instrument development or calibration of instruments deployed in Cabauw, etc. The list below is not complete and is sorted on year of publication, the most recent first.

Reports (72 records)
Monna W. and F. Bosveld
   In higher Spheres, 40 years of observations at the Cabauw Site
KNMI Publication (KNMI 232), 2013
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Hutjes R.W.A., A. Apituley, F.C. Bosveld, A.J. Dolman, S. Houweling, H. Klein Baltink, A.G.C.A. Meesters, A. Moene, R.E.M. Neubert, W. Peters, C.M.H. Unal, A.T. Vermeulen
   An assessment of the potential for atmospheric emission verification in The Netherlands
KvR Final Report (KvR 064/12), 2012
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Monna W., A. Apituley, R. Boers, F. Bosveld, H. Klein Baltink and W. Knap (eds)
   40 years Cabauw Observatory 1972 - 2012, 10 highlights.
KNMI Report (), 2012
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Sindhamani V.
   Noise attenuation directly under the flight path in varying atmospheric conditions
NLR Scientific Report (NLR-TR-2012-383), 2012
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Wauben Wiel, Henk Klein Baltink and Fred Bosveld
   NubiScope - Laboratory tests and field evaluation
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-234), 2012
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Groen Geert, and Dirk Wolters
   Upper Air Climatology of Amsterdam FIR, using ERA-Interim 1989-2008 Part 2
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR11-02), 2011
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Russchenberg Herman, Fred Bosveld, Arnoud Apituley, Wouter Knap, Ping Wang, Dave Donovan, Roeland van Oss, Henk Klein Baltink, Gerrit de Leeuw, Bas Henzing, Marcel Moerman, Yann Dufournet, Jordi Figueras, Christine Brandau, Christine Unal, Harry Ten Brink, Alex Vermeulen, Antonio Martelluci, Rupert Holzinger, Keith Wilson, Remko Uijlenhoet, Hidde Leijnse, Claudia Brauer, Han Stricker, Remco van der Beek, Jantine Bokhorst, Wilco Terink, Matthijs Boersema, Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg
   CS02 - The CESAR Observatory climate monitoring and process studies
KvR Final Report (KvR 044/11), 2011
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Baas Peter, and Fred Bosveld
   Assimilation of Cabauw boundary layer observations in an atmospheric single-column model using an ensemble-Kalman filter
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-315), 2010
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Bijma Jan
   Bodemtemperatuurmeting Cabauw
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-313), 2010
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Schalkwijk Jerome , Fred Bosveld and Pier Siebesma
   Timescales and structures in vertical transport in the atmospheric boundary layer
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR10-02), 2010
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Schuitemaker A>
   Klimaatkamertest van de Gill R3 sonische anemometer/thermometer en de Licor 7500 H2O/CO2 sensor
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-305), 2009
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Wever Nander, and Geert Groen
   Improving potential wind for extreme wind statistics
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR09-02), 2009
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Boesche E.
   Influence of aerosols on polarization of skylight in gaseous absorption bands
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR08-04), 2008
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Bouniol D., A. Protat, J. Delanoe, J. Pelon, D.P. Donovan, J-M. Piriou, F. Bouyssel, A.M. Tompkins, D.R. Wilson, Y. MOrille, M. Haeffelin, E.J. O'Conner, R.J. Hogan and A.J. Illingworth
   Evaluating cloud fraction and ice water content in the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System and three other operational forecast models using long-term ground-based radar and lidar measurements
ECMWF Technical Memorandum (527), 2008
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Braam Miranda
   Determination of the surface sensible heat flux from the structure parameterof temperature at 60 m height during day-time
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-303), 2008
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De Martino Gabriella, Bert van Ulft, Harry ten Brink, Martijn Schaap, Erik van Meijgaard and Reinout Boers
   An aerosol-cloud module for inclusion in the KNMI regional climate model RACMO2
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR08-05), 2008
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Bouniol D., A. Protat, J. Delanoe, J. Pelon, D.P. Donovan, J-M. Piriou, F. Bouyssel, A.M. Tompkins, D.R. Wilson, Y. MOrille, M. Haeffelin, E.J. O'Conner, R.J. Hogan and A.J. Illingworth
   Evaluating cloud occurrence in the ECMWF Integrated Forecast System and three other operational forecast models using long-term ground-based radar and lidar measurements
ECMWF Technical Memorandum (526), 2007
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De Haij Marijn, Wiel Wauben and Henk Klein Baltink
   Continuous mixing layer height determination using the LD-40 ceilometer: a feasibility study
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR07-01), 2007
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Wiel Wauben
   Wind tunnel and field test of three 2D sonic anemometers
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-296), 2007
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Hinssen Yvonne B.L.
   Comparison of different methods for the determination of sunshine duration
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR06-06), 2006
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Wauben Wiel
   Evaluation of the Nubiscope
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-291), 2006
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de Haij M.J.
   Evaluation of a new trigger function for cumulus convection
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-276), 2005
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Kohsiek W.
   Calibration Heimann radiation thermometers
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-266), 2004
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Kroon P.S.
   De sluiting van de oppervlakte energiebalans in Cabauw gedurende TEBEX (1995-1996)
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-261), 2004
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Meijer E.M.J.
   Evaluation of humidity and temperature measurements of Vaisala's HMP243 plus PT100 with two reference psychrometers
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-229), 2000
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Bosveld F.C., A. van Ulden, A.C.M. Beljaars
   A comparison of ECMWF Re-Analysis data with fluxes and profiles observed at Cabauw
ERA-15 Project Report Series (No 8, BVB-99a), 1999
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Bunskoek D.A., A.C.A.P. van Lammeren and A.J. Feijt
   Temperature corrections on radiation measurements using MODTRAN3
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-204), 1998
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Van der Vliet J.G.
   Elf jaar Cabauw-metingen
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-210), 1998
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Derks H., H. Klein Baltink, A. van Lammeren, B. Ambrosius, H. van der Marel and A. Kösters
   GPS water vapour meteorology : status report
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR97-04), 1997
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Kohsiek W.
   On the KNMI calibration of net radiometers
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-189), 1996
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Klein Baltink Henk
   First field experience with 600PA phased array sodar
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-179), 1995
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van der Molen M.K. en W. Kohsiek
   Nauwkeuriger nettostraling meten
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-177), 1995
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van der Ploeg R.
   Measurement of the structure parameter of vertical wind-velocity in the atmospheric boundary layer
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-173), 1995
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Feijt A., [et al.]
   Cloud-radiation-hydrological interactions ; measuring and modeling
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR94-04), 1994
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Stammes P., [et al.]
   TEBEX observations of clouds and radiation - potential and limitations
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-162), 1994
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van Lammeren A.C.A.P., en A. Hulshof
   Standaard stralingsmetingen met een zonnevolger
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-164), 1994
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Maat N., en H. Bakker
   Het nachtelijk windmaximum : interactieve verwachtingsmethode
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-142), 1992
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Bouwman P.
   Flux-profile relationships in the nocturnal boundary layer
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-130), 1990
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Holtslag A.A.M., [et al.]
   Diagnostics derivation of boundary layer parameters from the outputs of atmospheric models
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR89-04), 1989
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Meijer R.W.M.
   Spectra en gradienten van hoge windsnelheden te Cabauw tot 200 meter
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-119), 1989
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Hofman C.
   Description of the Cabauw turbulence dataset 1977-1979
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-105), 1988
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Holtslag A.A.M., and A.C.M. Beljaars
   Surface flux parameterization schemes : developments and experiences at KNMI
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR88-06), 1988
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Tjemkes S.A.
   Radiative cooling in the nocturnal boundary layer
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR88-05), 1988
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Cuijpers J.W.M.
   Vertical profiles of the structure parameter of refractive index and the structure parameter of temperature in the earth 's atmosphere
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR87-13), 1987
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Holtslag A.A.M.
   Surface fluxes and boundary layer scaling : models and applications
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR87-02), 1987
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Kohsiek W.
   A 15cm aperture LED scintillometer for cn2 and crosswind measurements
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR87-03), 1987
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Kohsiek W., and F.C. Bosveld
   Heat and moisture fluxes and related structure parameters in the unstable atmospheric surface layer over short vegatations
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR87-07), 1987
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Monna W.A.A., and J.G. van der Vliet
   Facilities for research and weather observations on the 213m tower at Cabauw in the Netherlands and at remote locations
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR87-05), 1987
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Kohsiek W.
   The KNMI Lyman-alpha hygrometer
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-87), 1986
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Beljaars A.C.M.
   Verification of Doppler Sodar measurements
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR85-02), 1985
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Beljaars A.C.M. ea.
   Inzameling en opslag van Cabauwmetingen : een systeemvoorstel
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-48), 1984
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Lindeman M., A.G.M. Driedonks en J. Reiff
   Het vochtprofiel in de convectieve grenslaag
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR84-02), 1984
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Wessels H.R.A.
   Cabauw meteorological data tapes 1973-1984 : description of instrumentation and data processing for the continuous measurements
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR84-06), 1984
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Beljaars A.C.M.
   De invloed van meetsystemen op de waarneming van gemiddelden, standaarddeviaties en maxima
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR83-02), 1983
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Van der Steeg J.
   De numerieke modellering van de grenslaagstroming na een plotselinge ruwheidsovergang
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR83-08), 1983
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Wessels H.R.A.
   Distortion of the wind field by the Cabauw meteorological tower
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR83-15), 1983
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De Bruin H.A.R.
   The energy balance of the earth's surface : a practical approach
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR82-01), 1982
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Holtslag A.A.M., and A.P. van Ulden
   Simple estimates of noghttime surface fluxes from routine weather data
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR82-04), 1982
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Louwers J.A.M.
   Controle en afregeling van de temperatuurprofielen te Cabauw in najaar 1981
KNMI Technical Report (KNMI TR-19), 1982
( no report url available)
Schotanus P.
   Turbulente fluxen in inhomogene omstandigheden
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR82-03), 1982
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Driedonks A.G.M.
   Dynamics of the well-mixed atmospheric boundary layer
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR81-02), 1981
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Nieuwstadt F.T.M.
   The nocturnal boundary layer : theory and experiments
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR81-01), 1981
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Van der Vliet J.G.
   De invloed van mast en de uithouders op de windmeting te Cabauw
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR81-04), 1981
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Driedonks A.G.M., P.A.T. Nieuwendijk and C.J. Goes
   A set of computer programs to process turbulence data measured at the 200m mast at Cabauw
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR80-03), 1980
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Kohsiek W., and W.A.A. Monna
   A fast response psychrometer
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR80-04), 1980
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Monna W.A.A.
   Comparative investigation of dynamic properties of some propeller vanes
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR78-11), 1978
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Slob W.H.
   The accuracy of aspiration thermometers
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR78-01), 1978
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De Bruin H., en W. Kohsiek
   De verdamping uit gras op kleigrond in de zomer van 1976 vergeleken met de Penmanformule
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR77-10), 1977
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Cannemeijer F.
   Wind- en temperatuurprofielen gemeten tijdens vliegtuiglandingen
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR76-06), 1976
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Van Ulden A.P., J.G. van der Vliet and J. Wieringa
   Temperature and wind observations at height from 2 m to 200 m at Cabauw in 1973. (+ suppl.)
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR76-07), 1976
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Wessels H.R.A.
   Vochtigheidsmetingen op 200 m hoogte toegepast op het schatten van de lengte van koeltorenpluimen
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR76-08), 1976
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Driedonks A.G.M.
   Akoestische sonderingsapparatuur
KNMI Scientific Report (KNMI WR74-13), 1974
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