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For the safety and management of the CESAR Observatory it's essential that any visit to the site is registered on the "Visitors Registration system" in the entrance hall of the tower building. Planned visits to the site should be announced beforehand in the agenda or to the Site Manager. If you want to install new instruments and/or want to use the facilitities on site for a (temporary) new experiment you need to be a registered user.

Protection of personal data

When you register you provide us your email address, your name and affiliation details. These data are considered as personal data i.e. it is information which can be used to identify you. The protection of personal data is codified in the Dutch law 'Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens' (Wbp). The Wbp law protects the privacy of citizens and also applies to personal data collected via the internet. Under this law, personal data can only be used if it is explicitly stated. It also must be explicitly made clear for what purpose the information is stored. The Wbp law does include the following exception: the personal data can be used for criminal investigation if someone uses the site for making criminal offenses or statements.

Your username and password are used only for identification when logging in to the Observatory agenda. The personal data is for used for management of the CESAR Observatory site only. None of the data is shared with others. If you want to delete your account information from the database, send a request by email to henk.klein.baltink@knmi.nl

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Site visits

Shows an overview of visits, both present and past, logged on the visitors registration system in the tower.


Shows an overview of any planned visits to the site. New entries can be entered by registered users only. If you haven't an account yet, and want to use the planner, please use the 'register' link above to apply for an account. If you have an account you can log in, and add or modify your entries in the Agenda.

Instrumentation (under test)

Any instrument and related units like ICT systems, installed and operated at the CESAR Observatory, either permanent or temporary, must be registered in CESAR Instrumentation database. You need an account to access this option. A registered instrument is owned by a registered user and can be allocated to a 'Measurement Setup' by this user. A user can share a registered instrument with other users. Users must first discuss any new instrument installation or (significant) changes in an existing installation with the site manager. Supplying the requested information in an instrument form doesn't imply automatically permission to install the instrument.

Registered users can submit online the details of the Measurement Setup and related Instruments to the Instrumentation database using the above menu link 'Instrumentation'. A Users Guide is available, click here to download (pdf)

Measurement Setup and Instrument registration are only available for users that are logged in!

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