Information for Participants

Additional site information

This pdf document shows the outline of the Cabauw site and a draft scheme of the location of all the campaign instruments.
This power point presentation shows the views from the different possible measurement locations in all wind directions.
Safety regulations and information when visiting and working at Cabauw

Other practical information

  • Common cross-sections are proposed within the GEOMON working group. For the semi-blind intercomparison data use 298 K for NO2, and 223 K for O3.
    • Download the zip file containing common cross-sections (updated: 22-6-2009)

  • If you are shipping your instruments to Cabauw, you can use the following address for delivery:
    • Ankie Piters
    • CINDI Organisation Team
    • Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research
    • KNMI meetmast
    • Zijdeweg 1
    • 3411 MH Lopik
    • the Netherlands

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