Scientific results


Piters et al., 2012: The Cabauw Intercomparison campaign for Nitrogen Dioxide measuring Instruments (CINDI): design, execution, and early results


Roscoe et al., 2010: Intercomparison of slant column measurements of NO2 and O4 by MAX-DOAS and zenith-sky UV and visible spectrometers

Zieger et al., 2011: Comparison of ambient aerosol extinction coefficients obtained from in-situ, MAX-DOAS and LIDAR measurements at Cabauw

Other results

Irie et al., 2011: Eight-component retrievals from ground-based MAX-DOAS observations

Sluis et al., 2010: The development of a nitrogen dioxide sonde

Vlemmix et al., 2011: Ability of the MAX-DOAS method to derive profile information for NO2: can the boundary layer and free troposphere be separated?