3rd CINDI Workshop (1-2 December 2010, Mainz)

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A. Piters Status of the CINDI Overview paper
E. Spinei Direct sun measurements during CINDI campaign
H. Irie Eight-component retrievals from ground-based MAX-DOAS observations
T. Wagner Results from MAX-DOAS measurements during FORMAT
P. Zieger Comparison of ambient aerosol extinction coefficients obtained from in-situ, MAX-DOAS and LIDAR measurements at Cabauw
U. Friess Results of the CINDI aerosol profiling group (UPDATE: 16-12-2010)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

C. Adams The Toronto instrument
A. Piters Different viewing directions: consistency and gradients in NO2
F. Hendrick Combining ground-based UV and visible zenith-sky observations for the retrieval of stratospheric NO2 profiles
S. Berkhout Analysis of the mobile lidar NO2 profile measurements, a brief update
T. Vlemmix Limitations of MAX-DOAS NO2 retrieval in the free troposphere - algorithm development, sensitivity study and intercomparison with lidar
F. Wittrock Results from the NO2 profile intercomparison
G. Pinardi update HCHO slant column comparison
K. Clemer Proposal for a standard MAX-DOAS HDF format