Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Developments in Climate and Atmospheric Dynamics

Who are we?
We are a newly formed active study group originating from MS-MK and organized by Sarah Kew, Hylke de Vries and Frank Selten. Our focus is the interaction between the atmospheric circulation and the hydrological cycle and their response to a warming climate.
The current purpose of the group is to raise awareness of and discuss recent developments (publications) which are relevant to our projects (e.g. KNMI climate scenarios, CMIP5 scenario analysis) and at the forefront of atmospheric climate research.
To stimulate our regular discussions, every member of this discussion group formulates questions and/or ideas for research and/or new conclusions before each session based on the paper under study. Each session one member leads the discussion.
This website is intended to be used as a tool to quickly access the most recent issues of relevant journals, to announce the agenda for meetings, and to catalogue articles that we have discussed.
To communicate with the organisers or send an email to members, use the form under the Email members tab.
Atmospheric Science