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CLIWOC publications

  • Diaz, H.F. and S.D. Woodruff; Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digitization and Preparation of Historical Marine Data and Metadata, WMO/TD=No. 957; Geneva, 1999.
  • García-Herrera, R., Wheeler, D., Können, G.P., Prieto, M.R. and P.D. Jones; CLIWOC, A Cooperative Effort to Recover Climate Data for Oceanic Areas (1750-1850), Pages (past Global Changes) Newsletter, Vol. 9, No. 2, July 2001, 15-16;
    PDF-file (17.5 Mb)
  • Wallbrink, H. and F.B. Koek; Historische maritieme windschalen tot 1947. HISKLIM 3 (Memorandum) 20 pp, KNMI, De Bilt, 2001.
    PDF-file (233 kb)
  • Wallbrink, H. and F.B. Koek; Onbekende weersymbolen in oude Extract-Journalen (1826-1865). HISKLIM 4 (Memorandum) 15 pp, KNMI, De Bilt, 2001.
    PDF-file (751 kb)
  • Camuffo, D. and P.D. Jones; Improved Understanding of Past Climatic Variability from Early Daily European Instrumental Sources, Reprinted from Climatic Change Volume 53: Nos. 1-3, 2002. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. ISBN 1-4020-0556-3, KNMI IV.f.672.
  • Garcia, R.R. and R. García-Herrera; Sailing ship records as proxies of climate variability over the world's oceans, Global Change Newsletter, 53: March 2003. PDF-file (425 kb)
  • Wallbrink, H., Koek, F.B., Können, G.P. and T. Brandsma; Sea-level pressure observations from Dutch ships 1854-1938 incorporated in COADS Release 1c climatology, Int. J. Climatology. 23: 471-475, 2003.
  • CLIWOC-team, Multilingual Meteorological Dictionary, HISKLIM 5 (KNMI publ 205) 49 pp, KNMI, De Bilt, 2003.
    PDF-file (709 kb)
  • CLIWOC-team, Final Report, 69 pp, December 2003.
    PDF-file (3.65 Mb)
  • Wheeler, D., García-Herrera, R., Koek, F.B. and C. Wilkinson; CLIWOC, Climatological Database for the World's Oceans: 1750 to 1850, a review of the project. European Union, Brussels, 2005 (in print).
  • Posters, presented at the EGU in Nice (26-30 April, 2004).
  • Longitude errors in ships observations during the 18th century and its correction
    PDF-file (563 kb)
  • The CLIWOC multilingual dictionary
    PDF-file (131 kb)
  • Nautical weather vocabularies during the 18th and 19th centuries
    PDF-file (112 kb)
  • Logbook data: consistency and verification
    PDF-file (145 kb)
  • García-Herrera, R., G.P. Können, D. Wheeler, M.R. Prieto, P.D. Jones and F.B. Koek, 2005. CLIWOC: A climatological database for the world's oceans 1750-1854. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 1-12. Abstract; PDF-file (363 kb).
  • García-Herrera, R., C. Wilkinson, F.B. Koek, M.R. Prieto, N. Calvo and E. Hernández, 2005. Description and general background to ships' logbooks as a source of climatic data. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 13-36. Abstract; PDF-file (1.29 Mb).
  • Prieto, M.R., D. Gallego, R. García-Herrera and N. Calvo, 2005. Deriving wind force terms from nautical reports through content analysis. The Spanish and French cases. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 37-55. Abstract; PDF-file (389 kb).
  • Wheeler, D. and C. Wilkinson, 2005. The determination of logbook wind force and weather terms: the English case. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 57-77. Abstract; PDF-file (394 kb).
  • Koek, F.B. and G.P. Können, 2005. Determination of wind force and present weather terms: the Dutch case. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 79-95. Abstract; PDF-file (2.18 Mb).
  • Wheeler, D., 2005. An examination of the accuracy and consistency of ships' logbook weather observations and records. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 79-116. Abstract; PDF-file (1.18 Mb).
  • Können, G.P. and F.B. Koek, 2005. Description of the CLIWOC database. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 117-130. Abstract; PDF-file (621 kb).
  • Jones, P.D. and M. Salmon, 2005. Preliminary reconstruction of the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Southern Oscillation Index from measures of wind strength and direction taken during the CLIWOC period. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 131-154. Abstract; PDF-file (2.72 Mb).
  • Wilkinson, C, 2005. The non-climatic research potential of ships' logbooks and journals. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 155-167. Abstract; PDF-file (137 kb).
  • Woodruff, S.D., Diaz, H.F., Worley, S.J., Reynolds, R.W. and S.J. Lubker, 2005. Early ship observational data and ICOADS. Climatic Change 73, 1-2, 169-194. Abstract; PDF-file (1.65 Mb).
  • García-Herrera, R., G.P. Können, D. Wheeler, M.R. Prieto, P.D. Jones and F.B. Koek, 2006. Ship Logbooks Help Analyze Pre-instrumental Climate. EOS 87, 18, 173-180. PDF-file (176 kb).

  • Wheeler, D., Garcia-Herrera, R., Koek, F.B., Wilkinson, C., Können, G.P., Prieto, M.R., Jones, P.D. and R. Casale. 2006: CLIWOC, Climatological database for the world’s oceans: 1750 to 1850; Results of a research project EVK1-CT-2000-00090. European Commission, Brussels, ISBN 92-894-8279-6 (free copies available from http://bookshop.europa.eu)
  • CLIWOC informative reading

  • CLIWOC repurposed; a website - designed by David Ian Hopp, visualizing the different shiproutes per nation throughout the CLIWOC period.
  • Küttel, M., E. Xoplaki, D. Gallego, J. Luterbacher, R. Garcia-Herrera, R. Allan, M. Bariendos, P.D. Jones, D. Wheeler, H. Wanner; The importance of ship log data: reconstructing North Atlantic, European and Mediterranean sea level pressure fields back to 1750; DOI 10.1007/s00382-009-0577-9; Springer-Verlag 2009. PDF-file (1.32 Mb)
  • Damsteegt, B.C.; Nieuwe Spiegel Der Zeevaart, Beknopte historische atlas van de Europese kusten met de oude Nederlandse namen, Amsterdam, 2001, ISBN 90-6984-302-1, KNMI VIII.d.277.
  • Fagan, Brian; The Little Ice Age (How Climate Made History, 1300-1850), New York, 2000, ISBN 0-465-02271-5, KNMI IV.f.638.
  • Hamblyn, Richard; The Invention of Clouds (How an Amateur Meteorologist Forged the Language of the Skies), New York, 2001, ISBN 0-374-17715-5, KNMI II.k.394.
  • Poster, presented at the 150th Aniversary of the Brussels Maritime Conference of 1853 and at the CLIMAR II Workshop, both in Brussels, November 2003.
    PDF-file (3.04 Mb)
  • Encyclopedia of Maritime History
  • Wilkinson, C.; The British Navy and the State in Eighteenth Century, 2004, ISBN 1843830426
  • O'Neill, R., Patrick O'Brian's Navy
    JPG-image (312 kb)
  • 'Zoektocht naar scheepsjournalen', De Telegraaf, 5 May 2001
    Interview with Frits Koek about the search for ship's logbooks that were lost in WW-II.

    JPG-image (270 kb)
  • 'CLIWOC', NIWI Nieuws, No. 50, December 2001
    Frits Koek about the contribution of the 'Nederlands Instituut voor Wetenschappelijke Informatiediensten' (NIWI) to the CLIWOC project.

    JPG-image (423 kb)
  • 'Puzzel met oude scheepsjournalen', De Kroniek, nieuws van het KNMI in het jaar 2001
    Six million historical observations of weather at sea should come available for research.

    JPG-image (424 kb)
  • 'Weer digitaliseren: geen wolkje aan de lucht', Broodje NIWI, 15 January 2002
    Frits Koek and Berry Feith give a presentation for the NIWI about the dilemma's during the starting phase of the project.
  • 'CLIWOC', Historia & Informatica, Jrg. 9, Nr. 1, March 2002
    Frits Koek at the start of the project about digitizing old ship logbooks.

    PDF-file (267 kb)
  • 'VOC-gegevens uit Japan en Indonesië helpen bij speurtocht naar broeikaseffect', Weekblad Schuttevaer, bijlage, 4 May 2002
    'El Nino was already observed in Batavia in 1841...', interview with the head of the Climate Analyses department Günther Können and Frits Koek.
    JPG-image 1 (566 kb);
    JPG-image 2 (559 kb);
    JPG-image 3 (555 kb);
    JPG-image 4 (543 kb);
    JPG-image 5 (520 kb);
    JPG-image 6 (717 kb).
  • 'Scheepslogboeken inzicht oud klimaat', Spits, 31 July 2003
    Short message after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (145 kb)
  • 'Weerkundigen bestuderen logboeken', Trouw, 31 July 2003
    Short article after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (349 kb)
  • 'Klimaatonderzoek in scheepslogboeken', De Telegraaf Online, 31 July 2003
    Short message after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (153 kb)
  • 'Oude logboeken bron voor klimaatonderzoek', Algemeen Dagblad, 31 July 2003
    Short message after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (520 kb)
  • 'Scheepslog moet broeikaseffect verklaren', Planet Internet Newsletter, 1 August 2003
  • 'Bramzeilskoelte uit 't zuidoosten', Eindhovens Dagblad Online, 18 August 2003
    Article after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (355 kb)
  • 'De computer als tijdmachine', Automatisering Gids, AGII, 15 August 2003
    European money makes a transcription of weather information from old ship logbooks possible. Thus a picture of the past weather from 1750-1850 evolves.
    JPG-image (1.573 kb)
  • 'Het weer voor 1850', Wereldomroep, Rubriek Wetenschap, 9 September 2003
  • 'Weersinformatie in oude scheepslogboeken', Zeilen, 9/03
    Short message after the article in the Nationaal Archief Magazine.
    JPG-image (164 kb)
  • 'Wordt Nederland warmer?', Cultuurwijs.nl, September 2003
    Projectmember Florie Barnhoorn about natural oscilations in the climate and the possible effects of greenhouse gasses.
    Lees verder (Dutch)...
  • 'Captain Cook's Logbooks used to forecast the weather'; On 24 Hour Musueum News by David Prudames, 5 December 2003.
  • 'Nelson's Weathereye: an officer and a weatherman'; New Scientist, 6 December 2003.
  • CLIWOC To Know It for the First Time – Place, Environment and Ecology, 29 December 2003.
  • 'Ships' logs uncover past climate'; Interview with Dennis Wheeler by Alex Kirby of BBC News Online, 29 December 2003.
  • 'Weerbericht uit logboeken'; Intermediair-2, 8 January 2004.
  • 'Bovenmarszeilskoelte ofwel windkracht 2'; Het Parool, 22 January 2004.
  • 'Logging a Century of Climate Change'; Science, 30 January 2004.
  • 'Navigeren met de natte vinger, oude scheepsjournaals brengen 1800 dichterbij'; Quest, June 2004.
  • Worley, S.J., Woodruff, S.D., Reynolds, R.W., Lubker, S.J. and Lott, N.; ICOADS Release 2.1 Data and Products. Int. J. of Climatol. 25: 823-842, 2005.
  • Gallego, D., Garcia-Herrera, R., Ribera, P., Jones, P.D.; Seasonal mean pressure reconstruction for the North Atlantic (1750-1850) based on early marine data. Climate of the Past Discussions.1: 57–92, 2005.
  • The use of GIS in reconstructing old ship routes; F.B. Koek, October 17-20, 2005, MARCDAT-II, Exeter, UK, Poster, Abstract (pdf), Abstract (doc).
  • 'Duizenden scheepsdagboeken bieden inzicht klimaatverandering'; KNMI press bulletin; December 5, 2005.
  • 'CLIWOC'; Radio Rijnmond; December 6, 2005.
  • 'CLIWOC'; RTL4 Nieuws; December 6, 2005.
  • Gallego, D., García-Herrera, R., Ribera, P. and P.D. Jones, 2005. Seasonal mean pressure reconstruction for the North Atlantic (1750-1850) based on early marine data. Climate of the Past 1, pp. 19-33. Abstract; PDF-file (1.2 Mb).
  • 'Op zoek naar oud weer'; De Telegraaf; December 10, 2005.
  • 'Het weer in oude boeken'; Het Parool; December 10, 2005.
  • 'De marszeilskoeltes van vóór de broeikas'; De Volkskrant; December 10, 2005.
  • 'CLIWOC'; Vara's Vroege Vogels; December 11, 2005.
  • 'Houten schepen, stalen mannen'; Reformatorisch Dagblad; December 24, 2005.
  • 'Scheepslogboeken als weerstation'; Profiel; January 12, 2006.
  • 'Woelige Baren'; National Geographic (Dutch Edition); July 2006.
  • Huler, S.; Defining the Wind, 2004, ISBN 1400048842.

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