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Cabauw is the main Dutch station for the CloudNET project. Since the early seventies Cabauw has been the experimental atmospheric research site of the KNMI. The main landmark is the 200 m high meteorological tower. In May 2002 eight Dutch institutes signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the development of Cabauw as an international site for atmospheric research: Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research (CESAR).

Data from ceilometers and infrared radiometers at a number of other stations in the Netherlands are also collected within the framework of CloudNET. This is an extension to the original proposed data collection strategy, but these additional data may be helpful in the analysis and interpretation of the data collected at Cabauw.

Overview of stations in the automated meteorological station network
of the KNMI and Royal AirForce (KLu).

Stations included in the CloudNET database.

Station WMO-id Lat
Cabauw 348 5158' 456' 0  CT75, LD40, IRR, Synop, Fluxes, Cloudradar,
 FMCW Radar, Lidar, MICCY radiometer
De Bilt 260 5206' 511' 2  IRR, Radiosonde, LD40
Volkel 375 5139' 542' 22  IRR, CT12
Gilze-Rijen 350 5134' 456' 15  IRR, CT12, LD40
Eindhoven 370 5127' 525' 23  IRR, CT12
Deelen 275 5204' 553' 48  IRR, CT12, LD40
Soesterberg 265 5208' 517' 20  CT12
Woensdrecht 340 5127' 420' 20  CT12
Schiphol 240 5218' 456' -4  LD40
Rotterdam 344 5157' 427' -5  LD40
Valkenburg 210 5211' 425' 0  LD40


Note: not all systems were in permanent operation during the CloudNET data-acquisition period.

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