CT75 Ceilometer Quicklooks

Since 23rd of March 2004 we started with the near realtime pesentation of the CT75 Ceilometer in Cabauw. Updates are created now every 10 minutes (since november 2005). Note that the CT75 Ceilometer is running on all 4 transmitters/receivers again.

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Introduction to Images

The lidar ceilometer transmits short light pulses (@ 905 nm). Lidar echo returns are mainly from cloud water droplets which have diameters typically between 5 µm and 20 µm. Inside a water cloud the lidar signal is usually attenuated very rapidly. In case of multiple cloud layers the clouds above the lowest (water) cloud layer are in most cases not detected anymore. Therefore the lidar and cloudradar are complementary systems as the radar sees easily through the clouds but is om the other hand much less sensitive to (thin) water clouds. Also the lidar is not sensitive to insects and much less sensitive to rain than the radar.

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