KNMI Radiosondes De Bilt

Atmospheric data measured by the RS92 radiosondes launches at midnight at KNMI, De Bilt, are presented here for three different height ranges.

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0 - 12 km
0 - 5 km
0 - 2 km

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Introduction to Images

The radiosondes are launched in De Bilt around midnight each day. The sonde reports pressure, temperature, relative humidity and wind speed and direction. The operational sonde is a Vaisala RS92 with GPS navigation for location, once per week an Ozon sonde is launched (usually on Thursday at noon) also with GPS navigation. On request sometimes an additional sonde is launched in between the operational launches.

Note that the first (lowest) data point contains the values as measured by the sensors at the synoptical surface station in De Bilt. The height along the y-axis in the plots is the geopotential height.

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