Cloud Video Images

Since end of March 2004 KNMI supports the real-time display of the sky images recorded by the digital cloud camera in Cabauw. This page should refresh itself every 60 sec. Click on the latest image to open this image in a new smaller sized window which also refreshes itself every minute.

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Introduction to Images

The images of the camera are stored in an image archive every 5 sec. but here we present only one image every minute for the last half hour, and one image every 10 minutes for the last 5 hours. Update of the latest image is in near realtime, the 30 minutes and 5 hour loops are updated every 10 minutes.

The camera is pointed towards the northern sky above Cabauw. In the image you see the 213 m high meteorological tower on the left hand side. To suppress the necessary bandwidth and storage space only one image is stored every 5 sec. To support real-time display the video-server is configured to upload one image every minute to an intermediate system from where the images are dissiminated to the Internet.

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