EU-Confidence Harmonie Parameters

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Harmonie parameters

This is a list of all Harmonie 38 that are available on surface or model levels.

Accumulated parameters (accu) are accumulated from the start of the forecast. The Wind gust is valid between two model time steps.

Parameter Nivo  
GRIB ecCodes Naam sfc ml accu
1 pres Pressure
6 z Geopotential relative to mean sea level
11 t Temperature (sfc, msl and ml)
17 td Dew point temperature
20 vis Visibility
33 10u 10m wind: u-component
34 10v 10m wind: v-component
33 u Wind: u-component
34 v Wind: v-component
40 tw Vertical velocity  
51 q Specific humidity (2m and ml)
52 r Relative humidity
54 tcwv Total column water vapour
71 tcc Total Cloud Cover
73 lcc Low cloud cover
74 mcc Medium cloud cover
75 hcc High cloud cover
81 lsm Land-sea mask
111 nswrs Net short-wave radiation flux (surface)
112 nlwrs Net long-wave radiation flux (surface)
117 grad Global radiation flux
122 sshf Sensible heat flux
135 icei Icing index
160 cape CAPE
162 ugst Gust, u-component
163 vgst Gust, v-component
181 rain Rain
184 snow Snow
186 cb Cloud base
187 ct Cloud top
201 grpl Graupel
209 lgt Lightning
Hans de Vries, October 19, 2017