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Borssele case studies

The nuclear power plant near Borssele is located at 51°25´51˝N, 3°43´06˝E (see Wikipedia).

Case studies for Borssele will be performed for a few different scenarios:

Scenario dates
Easy 11 Jan 2017
High pressure, low wind  
Sea breeze  
Storm front  
Meteorological lagged ensembles will be constructed from archived data from the Harmonie-AROME model.

The Easy scenario

In the Easy scenario meteorological uncertainties are small and the wind is blowing to the East.

Test dataset

A first dataset to test the suitability for all the used models consists of the deterministic forecast from Harmonie-AROME with standard settings for the 06UTC run of 11 Jan 2017. Time steps are hourly up to T+48.
Harmonie-AROME code values can be found through the link on the right.

The data were originally created in FA format on a Lambert grid. For day-to-day operations these data are converted to WMO-GRIB format on a regular 300x300 lat/lon grid from 49.000˚N — 55.877˚N and 0.000˚E — 11.063˚E. These data are archived for later use.
The data that are supplied are the lat/lon GRIB data as archived. Moreover, the data are also converted to NetCDF for convenience.

Hans de Vries, May 14, 2018