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CESAR Water Vapour, Aerosol and Cloud Lidar - Temperature
Caeli-T in the lab at RIVM (photo: AA)

Caeli-T is a lab based test system, set up for the development of temperature profile measurements using the pure-rotational Raman lidar technique. When finished, the receiver modules for the temperature profile measurements will be integrated into Caeli - the CESAR Water Vapour, Aerosol and Cloud Lidar.

Caeli-T was set up with a 10 Hz Nd:YAG laser, simultaneously emitting 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm, similar to the laser source in Caeli. Using this emitter, receiver modules can be conveniently tested in the lab, before integration into the operational system at Cabauw.

Caeli-T currently has a 15 cm diameter Newtonian telescope, fibre-coupled to a beam separation unit for the elastic channels. This configuration is occasionnally used for measurements.

For the temperature profiling capability using the pure rotational Raman technique a 30 cm diameter Newtonian telescope has been constructed. Two grating polychromators are currently under construction.

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Last update: 18 April 2011