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Computing facilities

As a Member State of the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), KNMI has access to their computing resources.

These facilities include a cutting edge High Performance Computing Facility (supercomputer), general servers, and a data archive where a large collection of meteorological data is stored, including all forecasts ECMWF produces.
More information on the facilities is available on the ECMWF web site in the User Documentation portal.

Access to ECMWF computing facilities

The facilities and data archive are accessible to KNMI staff on request to the Computing Representative.

Researchers outside KNMI

Access to ECMWF computing facilities and and data archive can be granted to researchers from the Netherlands Centre for Climate Research or associated research establisments.
To obtain access to the ECMWF computing facilities and data archive, a motivated request has to be submitted to the Computing Representative. An application form is available through the menu on the right. Access to actual forecast data and to commercial enterprises, however, is only given through the KNMI Licencing Office.

Archive Licence Agreement

For the use of the ECMWF archives, the Licence Agreement for ECMWF Archive Products (see menu) applies.

Special Computer Projects

Part of ECMWF's HPC resources are set aside for so called Special Projects. These are experiments or investigations of a scientific or technical nature, undertaken by one or more Member States, likely to be of interest to the general scientific community (ECMWF website).
Users within one of ECMWF's Member States may apply for a Special Project. There is more information and application details on the ECMWF website (see menu). Application forms have to be submitted through the director of KNMI.

Computing Representative

ECMWF Member State Computing Representatives are a focal point for the registration of all users in their country. They can give advice on how to access our facilities and provide some support for users in their organisation. The Computing Representative for The Netherlands is
dr. Hans de Vries
Department R&D Weather and Climate Modeling
P.O.Box 201 E: Click here
NL-3730AE De Bilt T: 030 2206615

Computing Representatives' meetings

Every year, ECMWF invites all Computing Representatives to bring them up-to-date with the latest developments at the Centre and get feedback.
For highlights of the last meeting, see the menu.
Hans de Vries, © KNMI, July 16, 2018