EGOWS 1990-2014

From this website the electronic versions of almost all presentations of the EGOWS meetings from 1990 up to now are available.
25th EGOWS Oslo, Norway 2014 link to EGOWS2014-site
24th EGOWS Offenbach, Germany 2013 link to EGOWS2013-site
23th EGOWS Exeter, UK 2012 link missing
22th EGOWS Toulouse, France 2011 link to EGOWS2011-site
  Interoperability day
21th EGOWS Reading, ECMWF, United Kingdom 2010 link to EGOWS2010-site
20th EGOWS De Bilt,Netherlands 2009 link to EGOWS2009-site
19th EGOWS Ljubljana,Slovenia 2008 link to EGOWS2008-site
18th EGOWS Dublin,Ireland 2007 link to EGOWS2007-site
17th EGOWS Budapest, Hungary 2006 link to HMS-site
16th EGOWS Exeter, United Kingdom 2005 link to presentations
15th EGOWS Potsdam, Germany 2004 link to presentations
14th EGOWS Tromsø, Norway 2003 pdf, 59.4 mb (if too large, download the smaller parts)
or part 1 pdf, 17.9 mb
& part 2 pdf, 21.3 mb
& part 3 pdf, 19.9 mb
13th EGOWS Rome, Italy 2002 pdf, 0.3 mb
12th EGOWS Zürich, Switserland 2001 pdf, 17.9 mb
11th EGOWS Helsinki, Finland 2000 pdf, 10.9 mb
10th EGOWS De Bilt, Netherlands 1999 pdf, 14.3 mb
9th EGOWS Norköping, Sweden 1998 pdf, 13.5 mb
8th EGOWS Toulouse, France 1997 pdf, 12.0 mb
7th EGOWS Reading, United Kingdom 1996 pdf, 6.6 mb
6th EGOWS Vienna, Austria 1995 pdf, 10.8 mb
5th EGOWS Copenhagen, Denmark 1994 pdf, 3.8 mb
4th EGOWS Offenbach, Germany 1993 pdf, 3.7 mb
3th EGOWS Helsinki, Finland 1992 pdf, 2.8 mb
2nd EGOWS Paris, France 1991 pdf, 2.1 mb
1th EGOWS Oslo, Norway 1990 pdf, 0.8 mb
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Kees Lemcke, KNMI, The Netherlands