CFMIP/GCSS/EUCLIPSE Meeting on Cloud Processes and Climate Feedbacks,

        The Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom,

6th-10th June, 2011.



Monday 6th June – Understanding, evaluating and improving the representation of clouds and

cloud feedbacks in global models


Last updated 1st June


Please note that oral slots include 5 minutes for questions.


Monday  6th June


9:00 Registration (Reception) and Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


Monday Morning Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


9:30      Opening and welcome – practical issues (Mark Webb/Adrian Lock, Met Office)

9:40      CFMIP within the context of CMIP5 and AR5. Sandrine Bony (LMD/IPSL)

10:00    GCSS Overview. Jon Petch (Met Office)

10:20    EUCLIPSE Overview. Pier Siebesma (KNMI)


10:40    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


11:10    Evaluating Southern Ocean clouds and radiation biases - New techniques and results.

            Christian Jakob (Monash University)

11:30    Reconciling GCM-simulated and satellite-observed views of clouds: MODIS, ISCCP and

            the applicability of instrument simulators.  Robert Pincus (Univ. of Colorado)

11:50    Cloud, radiation, and precipitation changes with midlatitude storm strength and frequency

and the resulting climate feedbacks in observations and models.

George Tselioudis (Academy of Athens)


12:10    Poster introductions


12:30    Lunch (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony) and Posters (Green Island Conf 2)



Monday  6th June  Posters


  • Dependency of feedbacks on forcing and climate state in perturbed parameter ensembles.

Masakazu Yoshimori (Univ of Tokyo)

Jui-Lin Li (JPL/CalTech)

Stephen A. Klein (PCMDI/LLNL)

  • Tropical regimes in aquaplanet general circulation models. Boutheina Oueslati (CNRM)
  • Further sensitivity tests on the aqua-planet configuration using NICAM. 

Shin-ichi Iga (RIKEN)

Great Plains. Yunyan Zhang (PCMDI)

  • Analysis of prognostic cloud scheme increments in a climate model.

Cyril Morcrette (Met Office)

  • Influence of the monthly cloud, radiation, and precipitation diurnal cycle on long-term

variability in the CanAM4. Patrick Taylor (NASA Langley)

  • The Role of Ocean Dynamics in Determining the Tropical Cloud and Water Vapor

Feedbacks.  De-Zheng Sun (NOAA)


Monday Afternoon Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


14:00    Can estimates of climate variations during the satellite observation periode be used to

contrains cloud feedbacks under global warming?  Yoko Tsushima (Met Office)

14:20    Response of upper clouds in global warming experiments obtained using a global non-

            hydrostatic model with explicit cloud processes.   Masaki Satoh (Univ. of Tokyo/JAMSTEC)

14:40    Transient cloud changes and reversibility in idealized climate change scenarios.

Mark Ringer (Met Office).

15:00    CMIP Low Cloud Feedback Interpreted Through a Mixed-Layer Model.

            Peter Caldwell (PCMDI/LLNL)

15:20    Climate feedbacks in idealized radiative-convective equilibrium simulations with

tropical cyclones. Marat Khairoutdinov (Stony Brook, NY)


15:40    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony) & Posters (Conf 2)


16:10    Hazy aquaplanet experiments with CAM5. Brian Medeiros (NCAR)

16:30    Fast and slow timescales in the tropical low-cloud response to increasing CO2 in

two climate models. Masahiro Watanabe (AORI)

16:50    Forcing, feedbacks and equilibrium climate sensitivity of the CMIP5 models.

            Timothy Andrews (Met Office)

17:10    Rapid cloud adjustments, cloud feedbacks and large-scale forcings. Mark Webb (Met Office)


17:30    Discussion


18:00    Drinks and canapé reception. (Ground Floor ‘The Street’)


19:30    Coaches provided back to central Exeter (to the Jury’s Inn and White Hart)


Tuesday 7th June – AM  Understanding, evaluating and improving the representation of

clouds and cloud feedbacks in global models - continued


Tuesday Morning Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


09:00    Clouds and climate sensitivity in two recently released versions of the Community

Atmosphere Model (CAM). J.E. Kay (NCAR)

9:20      Physics Parameter Ensemble of MIROC5 AOGCM.

Tomoo Ogura on behalf of Hideo Shiogama (NIES)

9:40      Diagnosing cloud feedbacks using nonlinear radiative kernels.  Ben Sanderson (NCAR)

10:00    Cloud feedbacks relevant to the tropospheric energy budget.

F. Hugo Lambert (Exeter University)

10:20    A methodology to analyze the response of clouds and precipitation to climate change

simulated by climate models. Sandrine Bony (LMD/IPSL)


10:40    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


11:10    Analysis of mechanisms controlling tropical low cloud feedback in IPSLCM5a model.  

Florent Brient (LMD)

11:30    Present-day biases and future changes in intra-seasonal variability of European

temperatures: a multi-model analysis from CMIP5 and CFMIP2. J. Cattiaux, (MeteoFrance)

11:50    A Novel Technique for Computing and Partitioning Cloud Feedbacks. Mark Zelinka, (PCMDI)


12:10 Poster introductions


12:30 Lunch (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony) and Posters (Green Island Conf 2)


Posters Tuesday 7th June


  • Comparison of the Variability of Marine Boundary-layer Clouds with SST between the Cloud

Deck Regions and the Rest of the Subtropics and Tropics, Kuan-Man Xu (NASA Langley)

  • Confronting the 3D and SCM evaluation of the new physical set of parameterization

developed at LMD on atmospheric research observatories. F. Cheruy (LMD)

  • An overview to the ICON model physics - first results.  Martin Kohler (DWD)
  • Change in high clouds in warming climate in a GCM and a global convective system

resolving model.  Yoko Tsushima (Met Office)

observational analysis and evaluation of climate models.

Romain Roehrig and Sandrine Bony (LMD/IPSL)

  • Overview of CNRM-CM5: Model description, evaluation and preliminary analyses.

Hervé Douville (CNRM)

Tokuta Yokohata (National Institute for Environmental Studies)

  • Understanding processes controlling simulated low-cloud changes in the subtropics.

Xin Qu (UCLA)

Chris Bretherton and Chris Jones (Univ. of Washington)



Tuesday Afternoon Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


14:00    GEWEX Cloud Assessment: a review  Claudia Stubenrauch (CNRS/IPSL)

14:20    Atmosphere feedbacks during ENSO in CGCMs.  Eric Guilyardi (IPSL/NCAS)

14:40    Transpose-AMIP.  Keith Williams (Met Office)

15:00    Progress using initial tendency and short-range forecast error methodologies.

Mark Rodwell, Daniel Klocke (ECMWF)

15:20    Evaluation of the IPSL climate model in weather-forecast mode. 

Solange Fermepin, Sandrine Bony, Laurent Fairhead and Jean-Yves Grandpeix. (LMD/IPSL)


15:40    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony) & Posters (Conf 2)


16:10    Evaluation of two cloud parametrization schemes using ARM and Cloud-Net observations.

Cyril Morcrette (Met Office)

16:30    Synthesis of ground-based atmospheric measurements from three European observatories:

 their utility for climate model evaluation in the framework of the EUCLIPSE project.

Martial Haeffelin for M. Chiriaco (CNRS/IPSL)

16:50    Simulation of cloud radiative forcing over land with ARPEGE: the case of West Africa.

            Françoise Guichard (CNRS)


17:10 Discussion


Wednesday 8th June  AM ASTEX and composite transition cases


Wednesday Morning Plenary (Green Island Conf 2)


9:00      ASTEX and Composite cases : introduction. Stephan de Roode/Irina Sandu

9:20      ASTEX LES results.  Stephan de Roode (TU Delft)

9.50      Composite LES results. Irina Sandu (ECMWF)


10:20    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


10:50    ASTEX and Composite SCM results.  Roel Neggers (KNMI)

11:50    Discussion of Lagrangian cases, where next, etc


12:20    Poster introductions


12:30 Lunch  and Posters (Ground Floor ‘The Street’ )


Wednesday 8th June Posters:


Isabelle Beau (Meteo-France)

turbulence scheme.  Grant Firl (CSU)

  • Simple climatology models of the stratocumulus to cumulus cloud transition.

Joao Teixeira (JPL)

  • A climatological MISR-view on the statistics of boundary layer cloud top heights, globally and

in the stratocumulus to cumulus transition regions. 

Johannes Karlsson  (Stockholm University)

How do we ensure a fair comparison? Richard Forbes (ECMWF)

Hideaki Kawai (JMA)

cumulus clouds. Philip Austin (UBC)

  • Low cloud feedbacks in  ECHAM6 (in context of CGILS) Suvarchal Kumar (MPI)
  • A higher-order turbulence closure model with prognostic PBL top. 

Anning Cheng (NASA Langley)

Steve Krueger  (Univ of Utah)

Chris Bretherton (Univ of Washington)


Wednesday 8th June – PM  Using COSP to evaluate clouds in global models

(Parallel session Green Island Conf 2)


14:00    ISCCP Simulator Developments: Application in Models and Evaluation with

Ground-based Data.  Stephen A. Klein (PCMDI/LLNL)

14:20    Multi-model analysis of clouds by using satellite simulators

A. Bodas-Salcedo (Met Office)

14:40    A glance at compensating errors between low-level cloud fraction and cloud optical

properties using CALIPSO and CloudSat satellite retrievals. Christine Nam (LMD)

15:00    Using COSP to evaluate clouds in the CanAM4 and CanESM2.

Philip Austin (UBC) for Jason N.S. Cole (Env Canada)


15:20    Coffee & Posters (Ground Floor ‘The Street’ )


15:50    An Assessment of Cloud Properties Simulated by NICAM Using ISCCP, CALIPSO

and CloudSat Satellite Simulators.  C. Kodama (JAMSTEC)

16:10    A process oriented description of oceanic clouds derived from A-train observation,

for climate model evaluation.  Helene Chepfer (IPSL)

16:30    Exploring the southern ocean short-wave anomaly using an across scales approach. 

Paul Field (Met Office)

16:50    MISR, ISCCP and MODIS simulators: current results and plans for AR5. 

Roger Marchand (Univ. of Washington)


17:10    Discussion


Wednesday 8th June – PM  GCSS Boundary Layer Cloud General Science Talks (Parallel session Conf 1)


14:00    Cloud-Aerosol Interactions in Boundary-Layer Clouds: Perspectives from Macrophysics

based on Multi-Variate Probability Distribution Functions with Dynamics. Leo Donner (GFDL)

14:20    MLM results of stratocumulus equilibrium.  Stephan de Roode (TU Delft)

14:40    Decoupling of the boundary layer preceding the breaking up of the stratocumulus cloud

deck in DALES.  Johan van der Dussen (TU Delft)

15:00    A climatology of boundary layer height using remote sensing observations

Joao P A Martins (Univ. of Lisbon)


15:20    Coffee & Posters (Ground Floor ‘The Street’ )


15:50    Assessing the role of dynamics-microphysics-radiation interactions in maintenance of

Arctic mixed-phase boundary layer clouds using ISDAC-based simulations.

Mikhail Ovchinnikov (PNNL)

16:10    Humidity structure in the subtropics from observations and reanalysis. Louise Nuijens (MPI)

16:30    Computations of the moist entropy for Stratocumulus and Cumulus from observations and

simulations. Pascal Marquet (Meteo-France)

16:50    Steady-State Large-Eddy Simulations to study the Stratocumulus to Shallow-Cumulus

Cloud Transition. Joao Teixeira and Daniel Chung (JPL)


17:10    Discussion



Thursday 9th June – AM  CGILS SCM/LES cloud feedback intercomparison case


Thursday Morning Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


9:00      CGILS: Introduction and LES intercomparison results. Peter Blossey (UofW)

10:00    Sensitivity of the IPSL climate change low cloud feedback to physical

Parameterizations using the CGILS framework.  Florent Brient (LMD/IPSL)

10:20    Met Office SCM results from CGILS: a positive feedback driven by evaporatively driven

cloud-top entrainment?  Adrian Lock (Met Office)


10:40    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


11:10    Steady-state solutions of clouds topped boundary layer in a perturbed climate

Sara Dal Gesso (KNMI)

11:30    A new (positive) cloud feedback. Bjorn Stevens (MPI)

11:50    What have we learnt from CGILS? Minghua Zhang (Stony Brook University)

12:20    Discussion of future CGILS activities


1:00 Lunch (no posters this day) ( Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


Thursday 9th June – PM  Radiation intercomparison


Thursday Afternoon Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


14:00    EUCLIPSE radiation intercomparison study for stratocumulus.  S. Dal Gesso (KNMI)

14:30    Discussion of radiation intercomparison


14:45    Update on GPCI and Sc-to-Cu CPT.  Joao Teixeira (JPL)


15:00    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


15:30 CFMIP/EUCLIPSE Next Steps discussion


COSP Issues

CFMIP-2 data availability

Coordination of CFMIP-2 analysis?


16:30 CFMIP/GCSS meeting close


17:00    Joint CFMIP/EUCLIPSE/GCSS Committee meeting (by invitation) (Room C2/1+2)


Friday 10th June - AM EUCLIPSE summaries, practical issues and next steps


Friday Morning Plenary (Green Island Conf 1/2)


9:00      EUCLIPSE project information, Pier Siebesma

9:00      WP1 George Tselioudis

9:30      WP2 Sandrine Bony


10:00    Coffee (Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)


10:30    WP3 Stephan De Roode

11:00    WP4 Bjorn Stevens

11:30    General discussion


12:00 EUCLIPSE Meeting close


12:00 Lunch  ( Green Island 2nd Floor Balcony)