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Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme
Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation


TECO-2008 - WMO Technical Conference on 
Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 27-29 November 2008

To Promote and Facilitate International Standardisation and Compatibility of Meteorological Observing Systems used by Members within the WMO Global Observing System to Improve Quality of Products and Services of Members


Powerpoint presentations



Session 1

Working towards the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)


Session 2

Use and Implementation of the Automatic Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in all Climate Weather and Conditions




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Thursday, 27 November 2008

SESSION 1 - Working towards the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS)
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The underpinning and crosscutting role and responsibilities of the Instruments and Methods of Observation Programme and CIMO in the context of WIGOS 1(00)_nash.ppt Dr Nash, J. (UK),
President of CIMO
5049 kB


A new Automatic Surface Observing System in Brazil 1(01)_moura.ppt Moura, A. D. (Brazil), et al.
7887 kB


The Australian Tsunami Warning System and its Contribution to Global Observing for the Indian and Pacific Oceans  [no presentation] Canterford, R. (Australia)
- kB
1(3) Surface and upper air recent developments in MeteoSwiss 1(03)_calpini.ppt Calpini, B. (Switzerland)
53181 kB
1(4) French Upper-Air Network Design and Implementation 1(04)_stoll.ppt Stoll, M. (France)
4398 kB
1(5) Future Upper-Air Network (FUND) in the UK – Integration 1(05)_gaffard.ppt Gaffard, C. (UK), et al.
5593 kB
1(6) National Upper-Air Network Performance Monitoring, Tasks and Experience 1(06)_kats.ppt Kats, A., (Russian Federation), et al.
3985 kB
  1(7) Modem Upper-Air sounding system innovation [to be inserted]  Charpentier, P. (France), et al.
- kB
1(8) Operational measurements of GPS water vapour in the UK and development of collaborative networks within Europe in the E-GVAP project 1(08)_jones.ppt Jones, J. (UK), et al.
5231 kB
1(9) Suggestions for upgrading the pilot balloon network in West Africa and elsewhere in the tropics 1(09)_douglas.ppt Douglas, M. (USA), et al.
15698 kB
1(10) Operational networking of Wind Profilers in Europe ( EUMETNET Programme – WINPROF) 1(10)_oakley.ppt Oakley, T. (UK), et al.
18110 kB


EUMETNET-OPERA: The European Weather Radar Network 1(11)_holleman.ppt Holleman, I. (The Netherlands), et al.
6590 kB


Comparison of polarimetric C-band Doppler radar observations with reflectivity fields obtained at S-band; a case study of water induced attenuation 1(12)_pohjola.ppt Keränen, R. (Finland), et al.
2015 kB

Friday, 28 November 2008

1(13) On the value of operationally synthesized multiple- Doppler wind fields 1(13)_bousquet.ppt Bousquet, O. (France), et al.
30064 kB
1(14) Building and operating a station network for climatology and hydrology 1(14)_nash.ppt Nash, J. (UK), et al.
5878 kB
1(15) Further development of the EUMETNET Composite Observing System 1(15)_klink.ppt Klink, S. (Germany), et al.
2012 kB
1(16) Introduction of new Instrumentation as a Quality-Management Process 1(16)_klapheck.ppt Klapheck, K.-H. (Germany), et al.
1262 kB
1(17) Role of Voluntary Consensus Standards in International Standardization and Compatibility of Meteorological Observing Systems 1(17)_fransioli.ppt Fransioli, P. (USA), et al.
531 kB
1(18) Intercomparison between Météo-France (RA-VI RIC) and Australian Bureau of Meteorology (RA-V RIC) 1(18)_duvernoy.ppt Duvernoy, J. (France), et al.
12820 kB
1(19) Metadata to document surface observation 1(19)_leroy.ppt Leroy, M. (France)
 7531 kB
  1(20) A Cheaper Precision Rain Gauge Tester for NMHS and RICs [no presentation]  Gorman, J. (Australia)
- kB

  No Title Filename Author Filesize
Use and Implementation of the Automatic Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in all Climate Weather and Conditions 2(00)_dombrowsky.ppt Dombrowsky, R. (USA),
Vice-president of CIMO
847 kB


Implementation of Automatic Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in Turkey 2(01)_buyukbas.ppt Buyukbas, E. (Turkey)
4482 kB


New UK AWS System – On-going Work  2(02)_molyneux.ppt Molyneux, M. (UK)
10642 kB


Design of the new Austrian surface meteorological network  2(03)_rudel.ppt Rudel, E. (Austria)
4138 kB
The Real-Time Observation Monitoring and Analysis Network of China 2(04)_liang.ppt Liang, H. (China), et al.
4305 kB
WMO Field Intercomparison of rainfall intensity (RI) gauges at Vigna di Valle (Italy): Measurement activities and preliminary results 2(05)_vuerich.pdf Vuerich, E. (Italy), et al.
1215 kB
WMO Field Intercomparison of rainfall intensity (RI) gauges at Vigna di Valle (Italy): Preliminary laboratory calibration and verification of the gauges as installed using a field calibration device 2(06)_lanza.ppt Lanza, L. (Italy), et al.
6835 kB


A Heated Aerodynamic Universal Precipitation Gauge 2(07)_dutton.ppt Dutton, M. (UK), et al.
9383 kB

Saturday, 29 November 2008


New Applications of Low Cost Rain Sensor "DROP" 2(08)_koldaev.ppt Koldaev, A. (Russian Federation), et al.
14787 kB
2(9) Intercomparison measurements by the ground level and elevated disdrometer 2(09)_chvilla.ppt Chvila, B. (Slovakia), et al.
1367 kB
2(10) An investigation of factors affecting the accuracy of Thies disdrometers 2(10)_upton.ppt Upton, G. (UK), et al.
3195 kB


Piezoelectric Vaisala RAINCAP® rain sensor applied to drop size distribution monitoring  2(11)_salmi.ppt Salmi, A. (Finland), et al.
959 kB


Snow depth measure at Météo-France 2(12)_augros.ppt Augros, C. (France), et al.
4112 kB
2(13) CIMO survey on national summaries of the methods and instruments related to solid precipitation measurement at Automated Weather Stations 2(13)_nitu.ppt Nitu, R. (Canada), et al.
553 kB
2(14) COST-727 Action: Icing on structures 2(14)_heimo.ppt Heimo, A. (Switzerland), et al.
5530 kB
2(15) Comparison of wind data of Ultrasonic wind sensor with Dyne Tube Pressure anemograph wind sensor and its performance in Indian Subcontinent 2(15)_anjan.ppt Anjan, A. (India), et al.
2343 kB
2(16) Results from UK Met Office Investigations into New Technology Present Weather Sensors 2(16)_lyth.ppt Lyth, D. (UK)
1958 kB
2(17) Humidity Measurements by Aircraft of the E-AMDAR Fleet 2(17)_hoff.ppt Hoff, A. (Germany)
5925 kB
2(18) Methods and equipment for studying of hydrological regime rivers in Arctic region (the Yamal Peninsula case-study) 2(18)_bobrovitskaya.ppt Bobrovitskaya, N. (Russian Federation)
30762 kB
2(19) The association of hydro-meteorological equipment industry’s Member products catalogue 2(19)_sumner.ppt Sumner, B. (HMEI)
1393 kB

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