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The KNMI-Hydra website provides valuable data for those working with wind energy. For example frequency tables and records of wind speed, or roughness maps of the Netherlands. Questions about the information on this page can be addressed to Job Verkaik. However, questions about suitable sites for placing wind energy converters and their economical benefits can not be answered by KNMI. Please direct your questions to Milieu Centraal. Milieu Centraal offers practical and reliable information to the public on environment-friendly living in everyday life. Extensive information on renewable energy is available at www.duurzame-energie.nl.

WAsP is a software program for predicting wind climate and power production of wind turbines. The predictions are based on  wind data measured at stations in the same region. The program includes a complex terrain flow model, a roughness and a sheltering obstacle model. Roughness maps suitable for WAsP and preprocessed wind data files can be obtained from this site.

Milieu Centraal www.duurzame-energie.nl
Frequency tables online WAsP
Wind speed records available online Wasp wind data files
Roughness maps of the Netherlands for WAsP