Contributions of National Meteorological Services (NMSs) to National Adaptation Strategies

2-4 November 2015
Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

Many NMSs play a special role in climate services by contributing to national adaptation strategies, to the European Copernicus project and to the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This role particularly concerns information on extreme weather events.

In 2017 all EU member states countries are requested to have a national adaptation strategy. The Dutch government strongly supports this development and has commissioned the organization of this workshop.

The workshop involves NMSs, policy makers at national and European level, environmental agencies, projects that aim for providing climate services, companies providing adaptation services and NGOs. Among others there will be participants from Copernicus, EEA, EU DG Clima, EU DG R&I, GFCS, JPI-Climate, Provia, CTCN, C.S. Roadmap and WMO CCI.

About the programme:
There will be sessions with focus on adaptation in Europe and sessions with focus on contributions of European NMSs to adaptation in the rest of the world. To give a flavor, there will be:

Topical sessions
Introducing innovations in Climate Services and discussing their optimal use for National Adaptation Strategies:
- Insurance and flooding
- Energy security
- Drought and agriculture
- New approaches to assess future extreme events
- Heat waves and health risks

Roundtable sessions
About current challenges in Climate Services, u.o.:
- From meteorological information to impact assessment
- How can NMSs contribute more to Climate Services in EU?
- Changing scope: from 'sectoral' towards 'integrated' approach
- Cross border climate change impacts

Directly to the full programme .

As there are many developments we intent to be flexible with the program as to address up-to-date topics in November.
Please address suggestions w.r.t. the program to:

It is with pleasure that we bring to your attention the Adaptation Futures 2016 conference, which will take place from 10-13 May, 2016 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

During the meeting there will be an opportunity to present a poster.