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Autumn School 2012
Dealing with Uncertainties
October 8–10, 2012

Participants of the Autumn School 2012

Participants of the Autumn School 2012 on Dealing with Uncertainties
The Autumn School on “Dealing with uncertainties in research for climate adaptation” has come to an end, and we think it was a great success. It attracted a wide range of researchers, from PhD students to senior staff, from within the Knowledge for Climate programme to outside of the Netherlands, and fostered many discussions. Controversial issues were not shunned and the foundations for new connections between different research fields were laid.

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Aims and scope
The central theme of the Autumn School was dealing with and communicating about uncertainties, in climate- and socio-economic scenarios, in impact models and in the decision making process. Together we have worked on the development of a common frame of reference for the use of scenarios and dealing with uncertainties.
Homework Assignment
All participants were asked to complete some homework consisting of:
A: Compulsory reading
We compiled a digital reader. All participants were expected to be familiar with the material that is presented under the header 'compulsary reading'. However, in the digital reader we have collected a broader selection of background documents: literature that is selected by the lecturers to be relevant for dealing with uncertainties in all aspects of climate adaptation studies. You could use this overview for further reading after the course.
B: Poster preparation and presentation
We also asked participants to prepare a briefly explaining their work, what uncertainties they encounter in their work, which are most relevant and how they deal with them. Moreover, we asked participants to include on the poster their definition of the terms “uncertainty” and “robustness”.

The posters were presented at the workshop. A list of the posters with links for downloading can be found on this website.


The Autumn School was organised by KNMI in partnership with the other consortia of the Knowledge for Climate Research Programme. KNMI is consortium leader of Theme 6: High Quality Climate Projections, but the aim of the Autumn School was to search for common ground between the different themes (and outside of the Knowledge for Climate Programme) on the subject of uncertainties.

If you have any questions on the workshop, or trouble obtaining any of the documents collected on this website, please do not hesitate to contact the course coordinators:
Bernadet Overbeek (KNMI): +31 (0)30-2206861
Janette Bessembinder (KNMI): +31 (0)30-2206853
(see staff page for e-mail adresses)

The workshop was organised at the Stay Okay Bunnik.