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Potential wind speed: Explanation

The potential wind is

  • wind that is corrected for the effects of shelter from buildings or vegetation.
  • over land an estimate of the wind speed that could have been measured at 10 m height if the station's surroundings was free of obstacles and flat with a roughness that is equal to that of grass (roughness length = 0.03 m).
  • over sea an estimate of the wind speed that could have been measured at 10 m height over water with a roughness that equals that of water in high wind speed conditions (roughness length = 0.002 m).
  • more homegeneous both in wind direction, space and time as a result of the corrections compared to the measured wind speed.
  • derived from hourly averaged wind speed; the wind direction is a 10-minute average which is not different from the measured wind direction.

The potential wind is not to be used in court trials as it may be adjusted as a result of new investigations (see the third bullet under "The correction").

The correction is

  • derived from a gustiness analysis of the stations series itself.
  • a function of wind direction. This function can change in time.
  • is not fixed for at least a few years to come; because of this the potential wind speed may also be adjusted.

Much more background information and also older wind speed series can be found at the Hydra website. This is a research website in English.