Daily OMI tropospheric NO2 (air pollution) measurements over The Netherlands and Western Europe

Tropospheric NO2 (air pollution) over The Netherlands and Western Europe (last 24 hours)
The Netherlands and Western Europe air pollution (last 24 hours)

Today's satellite air quality measurements are available around 15:00 hours GMT for Europe. OMI (on the EOS-Aura satellite) passes over Europe around 12:45 hours (GMT) and it takes another 2-2.5 hours before the data are available here. The most recent air quality measurements can be viewed in Google Earth. The TEMIS web site contains a limited archive of air quality and air pollution Google Earth files.

Daily OMI tropospheric NO2 (air pollution) measurements over other regions in the world
Also available on the TEMIS web site.

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17-09-2014 Ozone Layer on the Road to RecoveryEEN/NL
16-07-2014 “Killer” trees? Not ExactlyEEN
15-07-2014 An AURA of SuccessEEN
27-06-2014 Put a Lid on ItEEN
26-06-2014 New NASA Images Highlight U.S. Air Quality ImprovementEEN
14-06-2014 A clearer view of hazy skiesEEN
08-06-2014 Artic Ozone in SpringEEN
15-03-2014 Tien jaar meten met OMIENL


20-12-2013 OMI Science Team Meeting 18EEN
20-12-2013 Sulfur dioxide increasing over IndiaEEN
04-11-2013 Antarctic Ozone Hole in 2013EEN
26-08-2013 Satellites improve air quality monitoring in South AfricaEEN
11-07-2013 More North American wildfire smoke observed over EuropeEEN
28-06-2013 Smoke from Colorado wildfires reaches EuropeEEN
20-06-2013 Eruptions from Popacatépetl observed from spaceEEN
08-02-2013 A Satellite's View of Ship PollutionEEN
08-01-2013 Pollution across Southwestern AsiaEEN


12-11-2012 A New Pole HoleEEN
05-09-2012 Using daily satellite observations to estimate emissions of short-lived air pollutantsEEN
05-03-2012 Satellite measurements from aerosols above cloudsEEN
05-03-2012 A-train observations of Nabro (Eritrea) eruptionEEN
05-03-2012 A-train data for Merapi volcanic cloudEEN
02-03-2012 Emissions from Oil Sands MiningEEN
25-02-2012 Extending the Ozone Monitoring RecordEEN
16-02-2012 Reductions in NO2 over EuropeEEN/NL
14-02-2012 Rookwolk toont proces nucleaire winterENL
05-01-2012 Satellite-derived NO2 trendsEEN


02-12-2011 SO2 Pollution Controls Bring ResultsEEN
21-10-2011 2011 Antarctic Ozone MinimumEEN
03-10-2011 Study of Unprecedented Arctic Ozone LossEEN/NL
23-09-2011 OMI registreert luchtvervuiling metropolenENL
21-07-2011 Pollution in the Great Lakes RegionEEN
15-07-2011 Pollution "Butterfly"EEN
01-07-2011 Pollution from New Mexico, Arizona FiresEEN
18-06-2011 Ash from Puyehue-Cordón Caulle circles the globeEEN
02-06-2011 Grímsvötn Volcano Eruption (incl. movie)EEN
25-05-2011 Uitbarsting IJsland vulkaan GrimsvötnENL
15-04-2011 Dust Blown from Africa to ScandinaviaEEN
04-04-2011 Kou in ozonlaag Noordpool leidt tot ozonafbraakENL
30-03-2011 Record Arctic Ozone LossEEN/NL
01-03-2011 In twaalf dagen de wereld rondENL
21-02-2011 Global satellite analysis of the relation between aerosols and short-lived trace gasesEEN/NL
01-02-2011 Ozone Hole through the yearsEEN/NL
28-01-2011 A Day of Night-Shining CloudsEEN
27-01-2011 Night-Shining Clouds are Getting BrighterEEN


28-12-2010 Air quality monitoring and forecasting in ChinaEEN
03-12-2010 Thirty year ozone record: the Multi Sensor Reanalysis (MSR)EEN
29-11-2010 TROPOMI: Sensing the Troposphere from SpaceEEN
11-11-2010 Eruption at Mount Merapi (Indonesia)EEN
09-11-2010 Luchtkwaliteitverwachtingen voor NederlandENL
02-11-2010 Wandering Ozone Hole in November 2009EEN
29-10-2010 Brochure Our changing atmosphere: Discoveries from EOS AuraEEN/NL
26-10-2010 Introducing the A-TrainEEN
15-10-2010 Minder ozonafbraak dan gebruikelijkENL
14-10-2010 Smog over ChinaEEN
14-10-2010 A-train look at the October pollution episode over ChinaEEN
05-10-2010 Monitoring and Forecasting System for Atmospheric Composition: The GEMS ProjectEEN/NL
14-09-2010 Antarctic Ozone Hole 2010EEN
31-08-2010 Russian Firestorm: Finding a Fire Cloud from SpaceEEN
13-08-2010 Extreem veel UV-straling op de zuidpunt van Zuid-AmerikaENL
11-08-2010 Satellietinstrument OMI volgt bosbranden in centraal RuslandENL
05-08-2010 Increasing Bad Ozone Threatens Human and Plant HealthEEN
28-06-2010 Scientific highlights of SCIAMACHY and OMIEEN
27-05-2010 NASA Observes Ash Plume of Icelandic VolcanoEEN
10-05-2010 KNMI toont luchtkwaliteit op wereldtentoonstelling ShanghaiENL
05-05-2010 NASA Aids Forecasters Tracking Iceland Volcano Ash PlumeEEN
16-04-2010 IJsland's vulkanisch zwavel en as: metingen vanuit de ruimte en vanaf de grond met KNMI-instrumentenENL
16-04-2010 Klimaateffecten van vulkaanuitbarstingenENL
15-04-2010 Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano (Iceland)EEN
16-03-2010 UV Exposure Has Increased Over the Last 30 Years, but Stabilized Since the Mid-1990sEEN
14-01-2010 An aerosol boomerang observed from spaceEEN


14-12-2009 Het KNMI op de klimaatconferentie in Kopenhagen: Satellietmetingen van broeikasgassenENL
24-11-2009 Vidi-subsidie voor ozononderzoeker KNMIENL
16-11-2009 Lage ozonwaarden Zuid-AmerikaENL
10-10-2009 OMI observes reduction of Sulfur dioxide pollution over ChinaEEN
09-10-2009 Smoke transported from the California station fireEEN
08-10-2009 OMI Detects Air Quality Changes Resulting from NOx Emission RegulationsEEN
07-10-2009 Combined use of A-train data for improved aerosol characterizationEEN
06-10-2009 Combined use of A-train data for improved cloud studyEEN
05-10-2009 OMI NO2 trends: 2007 - 2005 annual meansEEN
04-10-2009 The Impact of the 2005 Gulf Hurricanes as Seen by OMIEEN
03-10-2009 Emission Reductions California Show ResultsEEN
02-10-2009 Filling up the gaps in OMI data using A-train data for SO2 released during the Sarychev Peak eruptioEEN
01-10-2009 Air Pollution Controls for Summer Surface Ozone as Deduced by OMIEEN
17-09-2009 Antarctic Ozone Hole 2009EEN
14-08-2009 Smoke from Fires in Russia & Canada and AlaskaEEN
09-08-2009 Relative Amounts of Bad Ozone Ingredients Across the U.S.EEN
22-07-2009 Dust Storm over Iraq and IranEEN
03-07-2009 Bouw klimaatsatelliet TropoMI kan startenENL
30-06-2009 September Smoke Over the Amazon from 2005-2008EEN
29-06-2009 CINDI meet luchtvervuiling boven NederlandENL
18-06-2009 Sarychev Eruption Generates Large Cloud of Sulfur DioxideEEN
02-06-2009 Antarctic Ozone Hole: 1979 to 2008EEN
27-05-2009 Satellite Measurements Help Reveal Ozone Damage to Important CropsEEN
13-05-2009 The World We Avoided by Protecting the Ozone LayerEEN
14-04-2009 Sulfur Dioxide Plume from Isla FernandinaEEN
23-03-2009 OMI Collection 3: improved level-1b dataEEN
17-03-2009 Het Internationaal Pooljaar zeer succesvolENL
27-01-2009 Sulfur Dioxide Emissions from the Maritsa Iztok power plant (Bulgaria)EEN


18-12-2008 Beijing Restrictions Reduce PollutionEEN
06-12-2008 Volcanic Haze over HawaiiEEN
05-12-2008 Sulfur Dioxide from smelters at Noril'sk (Russia)EEN
01-12-2008 Nederland bouwt nieuw satelliet-instrumentENL
14-11-2008 Earth surface reflectance climatology from 3 years of OMI dataEEN
06-11-2008 Fires in CaliforniaEEN
25-10-2008 The Ozone Hole of 2008EEN/NL
11-09-2008 Bijzondere schemering door vulkaan KasatochiENL
03-09-2008 DANDELIONS 2005 and 2006 Campaigns at Cabauw: Intercomparisons of NO2 measurementsEEN
13-08-2008 Aleutian Islands Kasatochi Volcano Erupts - Part 3EEN
12-08-2008 Aleutian Islands Kasatochi Volcano Erupts - Part 2EEN
10-08-2008 Aleutian Islands Kasatochi Volcano Erupts - Part 1EEN
27-07-2008 Daily Air Quality Forecast for ChinaEEN
23-07-2008 Okmok eruption (incl. movie)EEN
01-07-2008 Troposferisch ozon en het klimaatENL
01-07-2008 Assuring quality for long-term ozone trend studiesEEN
02-06-2008 The eye of the beholderEEN
28-05-2008 Springtime OMI Measurements of Bromine Monoxide (BrO) (incl. animation)EEN
24-05-2008 Aerosols and SO2 from Chaiten VolcanoEEN
11-05-2008 Satellietinstrument OMI volgt vulkaanuitbarsting ChiliENL
30-04-2008 Sulfur Dioxide and Vog from KilaueaEEN
29-03-2008 Sulfur Dioxide Plume from KilaueaEEN
14-02-2008 Nauwkeuriger methode voor luchtkwaliteitverwachtingENL
09-01-2008 Sulfur Dioxide Plume from Llaima VolcanoEEN


15-11-2007 Beste school bezoekt het KNMIENL
04-11-2007 Winds Blow Smoke in California (incl. animation)EEN
31-10-2007 Lucht sterk vervuild na branden CaliforniëENL
19-10-2007 Nederlandse satellietbeelden luchtkwaliteit in Google EarthENL
30-09-2007 Najaars Scholieren Meetcampagne fijn stofENL
16-09-2007 WereldozondagENL
27-08-2007 OMI volgt Griekse rookENL
13-08-2007 Activity at Manda Hararo, EthiopiaEEN
31-07-2007 Smoke Spreading from Greece to AfricaEEN
20-05-2007 Driving Ban Lowers Beijing PollutionEEN
05-05-2007 Springtime Aerosols over Eastern AsiaEEN
01-05-2007 Mount Etna's SO2 cloud observed above GreeceLEN/NL
18-04-2007 Dust Dampens Hurricane FormationEEN
15-03-2007 Satellite observations of air quality, climate and volcanic eruptionsEEN


08-12-2006 Eruption of Mount Nyamulagira (Nyamuragira) (incl. animations)EEN
21-10-2006 Ozone Hole Reaches Record SizeEEN
12-10-2006 Sulfur Dioxide Cloud from Rabaul VolcanoEEN
04-10-2006 Ozongat groter dan ooit gemetenENL
17-08-2006 Tungurahua Volcano in EcuadorEEN
25-07-2006 UK Record Heatwave and Rising Pollution Observed by Eyes in the SkyEEN/NL
25-07-2006 Live OMI measurements of total Ozone and UV radiation on the Earth's surfaceEEN
13-07-2006 OMI Measures Volcanic Gas Cloud (quicktime movie 3,2 Mb)EEN
07-07-2006 Satellietmissie Luchtkwaliteit en Klimaat geselecteerd door ESAENL
28-06-2006 First global tropospheric maps show streams of tropospheric ozone crossing the oceansEEN
28-06-2006 SO2 Emissions from SmeltersEEN
15-04-2006 Asian Dust Storms (movie)EEN
15-03-2006 Dust Storm over Eastern ChinaEEN
12-03-2006 Smoke over Southern United StatesEEN


23-12-2005 Smog in Northern ItalyEEN
09-12-2005 Europe's pollution hotspots shownEEN
08-12-2005 NASA Satellite Eyes Atmosphere to Improve Pollution and Climate ForecastingEEN
08-12-2005 2005 Ozone Hole (incl. animations)EEN
07-12-2005 NASA's Aura Satellite Peers Into Earth's Ozone HoleEEN
22-10-2005 Sierra Negra Sulfur Dioxide EmissionsEEN
18-10-2005 Daily on-line measurements by OMI of tropospheric NO2 above EuropeLEN/NL
03-10-2005 Eruption of Santa Ana (Ilamatepec) VolcanoEEN
26-08-2005 OMI meet luchtvervuiling van bosbranden in PortugalLNL
25-08-2005 Black Carbon in Smoke over AlaskaEEN
10-08-2005 Air Quality Emergency in MalaysiaEEN
08-08-2005 Eruption of Anatahan - part 3EEN
21-06-2005 New Measurements of Arctic OzoneEEN
26-05-2005 Gegevens Ozonmeetinstrument OMI actueel op internetENL
09-05-2005 Mondiale luchtvervuiling nauwkeuriger in kaart gebrachtENL
04-05-2005 Eruption of Anatahan - part 2EEN
13-04-2005 OMI Sees the Soot Within SmokeEEN
31-03-2005 Sulfur Dioxide Seeps from the Ambrym VolcanoEEN
31-01-2005 Eruption of Anatahan - part 1EEN
28-01-2005 Continued eruption of Manam volcanoEEN
25-01-2005 Dutch schools help scientists validate aerosol measurements via GLOBE projectEEN
12-01-2005 Up In The AirEEN


31-12-2004 Satellietwaarnemingen van luchtvervuilingENL
18-12-2004 First Aura image: Aura Eyes Ozone Hole over AntarcticaEEN
15-12-2004 NASA Eyes Effects of a Giant 'Brown Cloud' WorldwideEEN
14-12-2004 NASA's Aura Satellite Sheds New Light on Air Quality and Ozone HoleEEN
23-11-2004 Eerste OMI resultaten laten grote dagelijkse variatie luchtvervuiling zienLNL
03-10-2004 Protecting our planet's ozone layerEEN
17-07-2004 Aura: A Mission Dedicated to the Health of Earth's AtmosphereEEN
16-07-2004 NASA Launches Aura Satellite (incl. launch animation movie)EEN
15-07-2004 Aura Launched, To Better Understand The Air We BreatheEEN
15-07-2004 NASA Puts Safety First During Aura LaunchEEN
15-07-2004 OMI met succes gelanceerdLNL
14-07-2004 NASA Launch Advisory: Aura Launch PostponedEEN
03-06-2004 NASA Plans to Put an Aura Around the EarthEEN

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