OMI Cloud measurements: OMCLDO2 (Cloud Pressure and Fraction using O<sub>2</sub>-O<sub>2</sub> absorption)

Release status

  • The OMCLDO2 Level 2 data product is public released at the GES-DISC.
  • From November 2007 onwards, only data from collection 3 is publicly available. All data has been reprocessed with the latest release of the software.
  • Latest updates of the ...
    • README file: 20 March 2009
    • Known Issues List: 20 March 2009
    • Product Format Specification (condensed): 31 July 2006
    • Product Format Specification (complete): 20 March 2009


202 kb - OMCLDO2 cloud fraction and cloud pressure

Example OMCLDO2 result

The OMCLDO2 Level 2 data product contains the cloud fraction and cloud pressure and ancillary information produced by the OMI Cloud O2-O2 algorithm. The main objective of the OMCLDO2 product is to support other OMI L2 algorithms by providing them with cloud information. Each OMCLDO2 file contains the sunlit part of an OMI orbit, from the South Pole to the North Pole. In the so-called global observation mode, the OMI swath is approximately 2600 wide, providing daily global coverage.

The OMCLDO2 will be produced as a standard product as well as in near-real-time (within three hours of observation) and as a very fast delivery product (within 20 minutes of observation).

This algorithm is one of the two algorithms that derive cloud information from OMI data. The other algorithm uses Raman scattering determine the cloud pressure (OMCLDRR). The comparison of these two algorithms is ongoing work.

Product Description

A single OMCLDO2 product file contains all OMI measurements on the sunlit portion of the Earth, for one Aura orbit. During one orbit OMI performs approximately 1650 measurements, which take 2 seconds each. In the global observation mode, 60 across track ground pixels are measured simultaneously during a measurement. These 60 measurements cover a swath of approximately 2600 km wide. The maximum file size for the OMCLDO2 data product is about 15 Mbytes.

For users not interested in the detailed information provided on OMCLDO2 dataset we are developing several gridded products. In addition, we intend to make OMCLDO2 data available in a geographically ordered (rather than time-ordered) format that can be more easily subsetted and manipulated on-line prior to ordering. Please check the Atmospheric Composition Data Information Services Center website for current information on these products.

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