OMI Science Team Meeting nr. 15 (2010)

Last update: 5 July 2010.

Where and when: The 15th OMI Science Team Meeting was held at KNMI in De Bilt, The Netherlands from Tuesday 15 June 09:00 hours up and including Thursday 17 June 2010 till 15:00 hours.

The presentations are now on-line. Some presentations are only available to the participants and all OMI science team members. The publicly available presentations are also available from the restricted pages.

General theme: "What are we learning from OMI data?"

The meeting consisted of the following sessions:

  1. Opening and general talks
  2. Stratospheric change
  3. Instrument
  4. Atmospheric composition & climate
  5. Tropospheric composition and air quality
  6. Algorithm improvements
  7. Validation
  8. Measurements and analysis of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption
  9. Poster session

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