OMI Science Team Meeting nr. 16 (2011)

Last update: 12 September 2011.

Where and when: The 16th OMI Science Team Meeting will be held at FMI in Helsinki, Finland on 12 September 2011 from 09:00 to 17:15 hours, directly before the Aura Science Team meeting (13-15 September 2011) at the same location.

The OMI Science Team meeting is intended for OMI science team members and associated colleagues. Registration is done be informing one of the OMI Science Advisory Board (OSAB) members.
Other people can submit a request to the OSAB for participation.

The meeting will focus mainly on technically issues (instrument status, row anomaly status and corrections, Level 2 algorithm development and validation) rather than scientific results, as the latter will be presented at the Aura meeting in the following days.

The agenda of the meeting is available (updated 9 September 2011).

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