OMI Science Team Meeting nr. 19 (31 Aug - 2 Sep 2015)

Monday August 31 - Morning

Title Author Presentation
Opening Remarks
Pieternel Levelt (KNMI)
Welcome by Director General Gerard van der Steenhoven (KNMI) N/A
NASA, Aura, OMI, and the results of the Senior Review Ken Jucks (NASA HQ)
PI Overviews  


Pieternel Levelt (KNMI)
OMI - FMI Johanna Tamminen (FMI)
OMI - NASA Joanna Joiner (NASA)
Instrument Status of OMI  
Overview Instrument Status Jacques Claas (KNMI)
Overview of Calibration Status Quintus Kleipool (KNMI)
Long term trend analysis of OMI in-flight calibration data
Erik Schenkeveld (KNMI)

Monday August 31 - Afternoon

Title Author Presentation
Overview Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide Retrievals    
New results from the OMI V9 ozone algorithm Dave Haffner

Validation of 10 years of SAO OMI ozone profile with ozonesonde and MLS observations

Xiong Lui
Developments in the KNMI retrieval of NO2 for OMI Henk Eskes
Improvement of NASA operational OMI NO2 retrievals Lok Lamsal
The new GSFC slant column density retrieval of nitrogen dioxide Sergey Marchenko
Overview Cloud, Aerosol, Formaldehyde, and UV Retrievals    
Improvements to the OMCLDO2 retrieval Pepijn Veefkind
Effects of surface BRDF on cloud products derived from rotational Raman scattering and O2-O2 absorption at 477nm Alexander Vasilkov
Characterization of aerosol above clouds using OMI's Near-UV observations Hiren Jethva
Impact of the row-anomaly on OMI aerosol long-term record Omar Torres
Updates on SAO formaldehyde retrievals and associated validation efforts Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad
Performance of the OMI UV algorithm under cloud-free vs. overcast conditions Anders Lindfors
Poster Presentations    
Variability in tropospheric ozone over China derived from assimilated GOME-2 ozone profiles Jacob van Peet  
Link between enhanced Arctic tropospheric BrO observed by Aura OMI and meteorological conditions Sunny Choi  
SAO OMI water vapor product validation Huiqin (Helen) Wang  
Using the NASA GEOS-5 MERRAero aerosol reanalysis for understand OMI OMAERUV aerosol products Santiago Gasso (for Pete Colarco)  

Evaluation of the effect of strong aerosol loads on satellite retirevals of tropospheric NO2, SO2 and HCHO using MAX-DOAS in Wuxi, China

Yang Wang  
Overview of recent NO2-sonde activities: DISCOVER-AQ and City-Sonde Science Deborah Stein Zweers  
Potential of future space instruments to detect NO2 from ship emissions over European waters Huan Yu  
An analysis of the temporal and spatial progression of the monthly mean of the OMTO3 daily row anomaly Steven Lloyd  
Coverting OMI algorithms to 64-bit Phil Durbin  
Discrete filed of view sampling of OMI satellite pixels using MODIS imager data Holger Sihler  
A new cloud pressure algorithm based on the O2-O2 absorption band at 477nm Alexander Vasilkov (for Eun-Sun Yang)  
Using Sentinel 5 precursor Level 2 data: File format and metadata Maarten Sneep  
Abrupt recent trend changes in atmospheric NO2 over the Middle East
Yang Wang (for Jos Lelieveld) presentations of Tuesday Sep 01 presentations of Wednesday Sep 02

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