OMI Mission Objective 4:
What are the causes of surface UVB change?

The atmospheric constituents that most affect ultraviolet reaching the surface are total column ozone, clouds, and aerosols. OMI is designed to measure the first two of these with very high long-term accuracy. But aerosols, particularly aerosols that absorb in the UV (smoke, dust, black carbon, and exotic nitrated and aromatic aerosols found in urban smog) are important for deriving the amount of UVB radiation penetrating to the Earth's surface. OMI data, combined with data from ground-based instruments (AERONET and UV shadowband radiometers), and other satellite instruments on the A-train (MODIS and CALIPSO) should provide great improvement in our knowledge of the UV absorbing properties of aerosols, resulting in improved estimates of the surface UVB flux.

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