DANDELIONS Campaigns: May-July 2005 and September 2006

DANDELIONS  (Dutch Aerosol and Nitrogen Dioxide Experiments for vaLIdation of OMI and SCIAMACHY) is a project that encompasses validation of NO2 measurements by the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI)  and SCIAMACHY (Scanning Imaging Absorption SpectroMeter for Atmospheric CartographY), and of aerosol measurements by OMI and the Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR), using an extensive set of groundbased and balloon measurements over the polluted area of the Netherlands.

The campaign organizers for 2006 were Ellen Brinksma (KNMI) and Hester Volten (RIVM).

The first campaign was held at Cabauw from May 6 - June 30, 2005. The second campaign was held from Sep 1 - 30, 2006.

The data obtained during these campaigns has become publicly available through the AURA Validation Data Center of the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)

Main participants in 2006

  • OMI, SCIAMACHY, TES, AATSR satellite instruments
  • RIVM, group of Daan Swart, mobile lidar instrument (upgraded since 2005), see the abstract for the 2006 ILRC.
  • KNMI, group of Pieternel Levelt, Mini Max Doas, ozone sondes, radio sondes
  • IUP Bremen, group of  Andreas Richter, MAX Doas instrument (similar to 2005).
  • IUP Heidelberg, group of Thomas Wagner, MAX Doas instrument (the same as in 2005)
  • BIRA Brussel, group of Michel van Roozendael, MAX Doas instrument and a Mini MAX Doas instrument  (the same as in 2005).
  • NASA/GSFC, group of  Jay R. Herman, spectrometer for measuring NO2, water vapor, ozone, aerosol optical depth and angstrom coefficient, from Sep 13 -Oct 3 (new participant)
  • TNO, several aerosol instruments

Overpass Tables 2006

OMI and TES overpass times and OMI pixel numbers may change slightly after Aura orbital manoeuvres, planned for Sep 14 and Sep )

Data policy

All users of data should inform the originator of the data and the project coordinators (see Dandelions Field Plan 2006) about their research plans and use of the data.

Co-authorship will be offered to all data originators whose data are used in a significant way in a publication or presentation. In case of marginal use, their contribution will be acknowledged; this decision is made by the  project coordinators.
Co-authorship will also be offered to the campaign organizer. If the Dandelions data form a relatively minor part of the paper, an acknowledgment will suffice; this decision is made by the project coordinators.

For OMI data, please take note of the publication rules, which state that refereed publications should be sent to the OMI Science Advisory Board (=PI and coPIs) before publication. This assures that appropriate references are made, but also that up-to-date data versions and insight in the data quality are used.

Keeping track of publications

Please send copies of presentations, including posters and talks, to Ellen Brinksma. A list of publications using Dandelions data will be maintained by her and published on the website. Copies of the presentations will be available for all campaign participants (password protected part of the website).

Links to other web sites

Information restricted to campaign participants

Check the buttons to the right, and contact Ellen Brinksma if you need username and password.Note that most data is now publicly available through the AVDC

Overpass Tables 2005

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