Paramaribo Station



Average T (C) and RH(%) for two months (March and September) as measured in the period 1961-1970

Average number of days with rain for each month (normalized to months of 30 days) measered in Paramaribo
in the period 1901-1970

Average amount of rain of the ten wettest years and the ten dryest years in the period 1901-1970
for Paramaribo.
The straight line is the average over the whole period.

Average percentage of sunshine per hour and per month for paramaribo over the period 1962-1970.

Average amount of sunshine vs time of day at 4 locations in Suriname

The yearly cycle of surface presure at Zanderij airport, averaged over 1952-1963.
KRT: short rainy season
KDR: short dry season
GRT: long rainy season
GDT: long dry season