Paramaribo Station


Jubilee party

To celebrate the 5 year existence of Paramaribo station, as well as the successful launch of the STAR Pilot Study campaign, a party was held at MDS on the afternoon of 26 October 2004. The hosts of this event were the Meteorological Service of Surinam (MDS), the Anton de Kom University (AdeK) and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). The representatives of these institutes opened the celebration, respectively with talks given by the Head of MDS, Dipl. Met. Mr. Becker, the Chairman of AdeK University Board, Dr. Rusland, and the KNMI Head of Atmospheric Composition research, Prod. Dr. Kelder. The session on science poliocy was concluded by the Netherlands Ambassador, Mr. Soeters, and the Director of Public Works in Surinam, Drs. Gerad.

NASA Group Achievement Award 2004, conferred to Mr. C. Becker
and his Operator Team for their contribution to the
SHADOZ project

Talks on research results from Paramaribo data were given by Dr. Verver from KNMI, M.Sc. Mr. Nurmuhammed and Mr. Zeefuik from AdeK, Dipl.Ing. Mr. Weinzierl from the University of Bremen, and Dipl. Phys. Mr. Kaiser from the Alfred Wegener Institute of Bremerhaven. Guests were treated on party drinks and snacks, and a guided tour through the station.

C. Becker, Head MDS

G. Rusland, Chairman AdeK University Board

H. Kelder, Head Atmospheric Composition research, KNMI

H. Soeters, Netherlands Ambassador in Surinam

G. Verver, Principal Investigator STAR project

R. Nurmuhammed, Lecturer at AdeK

A. Zeefuik, Student at AdeK

T. Weinzierl, Engineer FTIR instrument