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Izett, Wiel, Baas and Bosveld, Understanding and Reducing False Alarms in Observational Fog Prediction
accepted, Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 2018.
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O'Sullivan, F., J.H.G. van Geffen, M. van Weele and L. Zgaga, Annual ambient UVB at wavelengths that induce Vitamin D synthesis is associated with reduced oesophageal and gastric cancer risk: a nested case-control study
Photochem. and Photobiol., 2018, 94, 4, 797-806, doi:10.1111/php.12915.
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Richter, N., J.T. Salzer, E. De Zeeuw-van Dalfsen, D. Perissin and T.R. Walter, Constraints on the geomorphological evolution of the nested summit craters of Láscar volcano from high spatio-temporal resolution TerraSAR-X interferometry
Bull Volcanol, 2018, 80, 1-17, doi:10.1007/s00445-018-1195-3.
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Sfyri, Rotach, Stiperski, Bosveld, Lehner and Obleiter, Scalar flux similarity in the layer near the surface over mountainous terrain
accepted, Bound.-Layer Meteorol., 2018.
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Trigo, Bruin, Beyrich, Bosveld, Gavilan, Groh and Lopez-Urrea, Validation of Reference Evapotranspiration from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) Observations
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2018, 259, 271-285, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2018.05.008.
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Uijlenhoet, R., A. Overeem and H. Leijnse, Opportunistic remote sensing of rainfall using microwave links from cellular communication networks
WIREs Water, 2018, 5, 4, 1-15, doi:10.1002/wat2.1289.
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Vogelzang, J. and A. Stoffelen, ASCAT ultrahigh-resolution wind products on optimized grids
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth O, 2017, 10, 5, 2332-2339, doi:10.1109/JSTARS.2016.2623861.
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Lacagnina, C., O.P. Hasekamp, H. Bian, G. Curci, G. Myhre, T. van Noije, M. Schulz, R.B. Skeie, T. Takemura and K. Zhang, Aerosol single-scattering albedo over the global oceans: Comparing PARASOL retrievals with AERONET, OMI and AeroCom models estimates
J. Geophys. Res., 2015, 120, 9814-9836, doi:10.1002/2015JD023501.

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