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Homogenization of daily ECA&D temperature series
by A.A. Squintu (KNMI), G. van der Schrier (KNMI), Y. Brugnara (University of Bern), A.M.G. Klein Tank (Wageningen University & Research),

The daily maximum and minimum temperature series of the European Climate
Assessment & Dataset are homogenized using the quantile matching approach. As
the dataset is large and the detail of metadata is generally missing, an automated
method locates breaks in the series based on a comparison with surrounding series
and applies adjustments which are estimated using homogeneous segments of surrounding
series as reference. A total of 6,500 series have been processed and after
removing duplicates and short series, about 2,100 series have been adjusted.
Finally, the effect of the homogenization of daily maximum and minimum temperature
on trend estimation is shown to produce a much more spatially homogeneous
and then plausible picture.

Bibliographic data
Squintu, A.A., G. van der Schrier, Y. Brugnara and A.M.G. Klein Tank, Homogenization of daily ECA&D temperature series
Int. J. Climatology, 2018, doi:10.1002/joc.5874.
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