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OPERA the radar project
by E. Saltikoff (FMI), G. Haase (SMHI), L. Delobbe (RMI), N. Gaussiat (Météo France), M. Martet (Météo France)D. Idziorek (Météo France)H. Leijnse (KNMI)P. Novák (CHMI)M. Lukach (RMI)K. Stephan (DWD)

The Operational Program on the Exchange of Weather Radar Information (OPERA) has co-ordinated radar co-operation among national weather services in Europe for more than 20 years. It has introduced its own, manufacturer-independent data model, runs its own data center, and produces Pan-European radar composites. The applications using this data vary from data assimilation to flood warnings and the monitoring of animal migration. It has used several approaches to provide a homogeneous combination of disparate raw data and to indicate the reliability of its products. In particular, if a pixel shows no precipitation, it is important to know if that pixel is dry or if the measurement was missing.

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Saltikoff, E., G. Haase, L. Delobbe, N. Gaussiat, M. Martet, D. Idziorek, H. Leijnse, P. Novák, M. Lukach and K. Stephan, OPERA the radar project
Atmosphere, 2019, 10, 6, 320, doi:10.3390/atmos10060320.
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