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Groningen explosion database
by E.N. Ruigrok (KNMI), J. Domingo Ballesta (KNMI), G. van den Hazel (KNMI), B. Dost (KNMI), L.G. Evers (KNMI)

In the Groningen province (the Netherlands) there is a dense seismic network in place to monitor induced seismicity. This network also picks up explosions, both from onshore and offshore locations. We keep track of these explosions, mainly to circumvent misinterpretation as mining induced events. Also other uses of the explosion database have been developed. We highlight their use for sensor orientation, deep crustal imaging and near-surface tomography.

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Ruigrok, E.N., J. Domingo Ballesta, G. van den Hazel, B. Dost and L.G. Evers, Groningen explosion database
First Break, 2019, 37, 37-41.
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