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Long-term trends in the wind supply in the Netherlands
by A. Bakker (KNMI), J. Coelingh (ECOFYS Netherlands), B. van den Hurk (KNMI),

A windiness index is a measure of wind energy potential relative to its long-term average. National or regional indices are used to evaluate the performance of wind turbines and farms, to assess the natural variability and trends and to estimate future wind energy yields. Yet, different types of indices show very different trends and variabililty.

This study aims to evaluate the differences between five windiness indices for the Dutch wind energy potential. Subsequently, this information is used to estimate near-future multi-year energy yields.

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Bakker, A., J. Coelingh and B. van den Hurk, Long-term trends in the wind supply in the Netherlands
Poster: EWEA 2012 Annual Event, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012, 16/4/2012-19/4/2012, Kopenhagen, EWEA.
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