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Data products
Archived Wind and Stress Products
Several long-term time sets of scatterometer wind data are available from various archives. Data sets not listed here may be available on request.
ERS-1 and ERS-2 scatterometer
Ten years of reprocessed ERS-1 and 2 level 2 swath wind data are available from KNMI on request. Besides winds, also the corresponding wind stress gridded products (L3) are available on the KNMI Climate Explorer. These were produced in the context of the CM SAF.
The Reprocessed SeaWinds L2 25 km winds and Reprocessed SeaWinds L2 50 km winds, in BUFR and NetCDF format, will be available online soon from the (EUMETSAT Data Centre). For now, the data are available from KNMI on request.
The OSI SAF ASCAT wind products from Metop-A are in BUFR and NetCDF format are available online from the EUMETSAT Data Centre. You can click on the link 'Online Ordering Application' on this page. After registration and login, choose the Search Type 'SAF' and you will find the ASCAT winds. The date and region of interest can be chosen easily.

The OSI SAF ASCAT wind products in NetCDF format are also available online from PO.DAAC.
The OSI SAF OSCAT wind products are available from KNMI on request.
Level 3 gridded wind data
Level 3 data on a regular lat/lon grid are available online from MyOcean. These products are based on the OSI SAF swath level 2 wind data. Currently, ASCAT and OSCAT level 3 wind data can be retrieved from MyOcean. Choose 'Global Ocean' and 'Winds' in the catalogue.
Further information
Please contact the KNMI scatterometer team.

Wind Products
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