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Voluntary Observing Ships
The Official Dutch VOS & PMO Website
About VOS and PMO
Under international agreements, a world-wide network of Port Meteorological Officers (PMO's) are involved in keeping the fleet of international voluntary observing ships (VOS) in tact. The duties of the PMO's consist of:
  • recruiting new volunteers
  • inspection of ships' meteorological equipment
  • instruction to observers

Stationed in De Bilt (The Netherlands), two PMO's look after the ships that visit the Dutch ports, among which one of the world's largest ports: Rotterdam.

VOS rewards
On 7 April the final official celebration took place to reward the Dutch voluntary marine observers. After 154 years, there came an end to this tradition in which the mariners are thanked and rewarded for their voluntary contributions to the marine meteorology. Also see this special publication (pdf, 3.0Mb)