Common Errors in Ships Obs FM13.


Many people have many different ways of achieving different goals. Like the observers participating in the VOS programme, we are all prone to adapt to routine behavour. This enables us to achieve our aim with less effort, but dangers lure around the corners. Errors, once adopted, are hard to change. This goes especially for those errors that are not corrected in time, and are made over long periods of time. Unfortunately the PMO has only limited access to those that are making weather observations at sea. The occasional rendevous in port, is usually not long enough to go into lengthy detail about the quality of the observations. In many occasions it is not clear who is responsable for errors occuring in the observations. Promptly feedback is nessecary but costly in manpower and communication.

Therefor we tried to give a little more insight in the most commonly occuring errors that are made in Ships' observations format (Fm13). Although we have supplied our Dutch VOS fleet with Turbo program, many handmade observations still reach us through LES 12, Burum. It will take time to equip the entire VOS fleet with the Turbo program. In the mean time a lot of corrections have to be made in the manual observations.

The observations are sent to us from Burum (station 12) and automaticly checked. Common errors are corrected automaticly. If not, the PMO gets to see the erroneous nessages and he decides if this error is recurring (feedback to ship) or the error is just a mistake (no feedback to ship necessary).

The errors you will find here are all examples of obs's send to us. We changed the call signs, as these examples are for educational purposes only.